Atalaya joins

Atalaya, revue d'études médiévales romanes is a publication of ENS Éditions and the mouthpiece and focus for an international network of medievalists and Renaissance scholars, the SEMYR (Sociedad de estudios medievales y renacentistas, Salamanca University). Founded in 1991, the journal Atalaya was originally devoted to medieval Hispanic studies. Since 1991, in its electronic form, it devotes itself to medieval Romance studies. It prioritises studies about medieval Romance literature; works from other disciplines are also welcome. The yearly issues include special themes, articles, notes, accounts and other documents, such as indexes and repertoires. To that day, three issues are available in full-text : Hétérogénéité et tranferts (no. 11), Le métier de l’historien en Castille au XVe siècle (no. 10) and Administrer et convaincre au Moyen Âge (no. 9).