Conserveries mémorielles joins

The Conserveries mémorielles journal is run by a group of young researchers and explores different fields relating to memory across the humanities: archaeology, history, ethnology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, literature, etc. The journal was founded by Bogumil Jewsiewicki, who at the time held a chair in research into the comparative Canadian history in memory (Laval University, Quebec). Since 2008 she has worked at the Institut d’histoire du temps présent (IHTP, Paris) but has a close working relationship with the Centre inter-universitaire d’études sur les lettres, les arts et les traditions (CELAT, Laval University, Quebec). Conserveries mémorielles is an open access e-journal. Six issues are currently available, unabridged on the journal’s site, including the latest issue (6/2009): La Part de fiction dans les images documentaries (The degree of fiction in documentary images).