Opening of the Leçons inaugurales du Collège de France's website

At the Collège de France the leçon inaugurale is the first lecture given by a new professor. It is the chance for the new arrival to situate his work and teaching in relation to his predecessors and the most recent research developments. The collection of inaugural lectures creates a portrait of the state of research and thus contributes to the development of each discipline.
Les Leçons inaugurales du Collège de France were first published by the Collège de France from 1949 and then by Editions Fayard from 2003. Today they join the Livres de collection. They will now be published simultaneously in both paper and electronic versions.
Each volume of the electronic publication is composed of a presentation of the professor by the administrator of the Collège de France and the video recording of the lecture. Currently eight recent lectures are available in full text. Past lectures will be gradually made available online.