Inauguration du site de L’Année du Maghreb

L’Année du Maghreblooks at topical issues pertaining to the Maghreb region over the year. The thematic first part deals with pluridisciplinary debates affecting the social sciences in the Maghreb. The next section deals with political chronicles, “close-ups”, or notes on current debates on a country-by-country basis: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia. This national approach is complemented by transversal thematic sections dealing with cultural, economic and legal questions shared by the five countries of the Maghreb. Two issues (2004, L'espace euro-magrébin ; 2005-2006, Femmes, famille et droit) are available in full-text; the three following issues (Justice, politique et société; La fabrique de la mémoire; S’opposer au Maghreb) feature summaries of contributions.