Opening of Revue d’études benthamiennes’ website

The Revue d’études benthamiennes is a biannual publication published by the Centre Bentham since 2006. It is devoted to the thought of the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1747-1830) and the utilitarian philosophy associated with him. It also looks at classic utilitarianism (from Bentham to Henry Sidgwick and G. E. Moore) and contemporary utilitarian currents in economics and philosophy. In accordance with the Centre Bentham’s missions, the REB intends to promote and accompany university research into these domains and does not adhere to specific readings or interpretations. International and pluridisciplinary, it is open to all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences (law, economics, English studies, history, philosophy and sociology).
Previously published on the Centre Bentham site, the REB has now joined the Cahiers de platform. All issues are now available in full-text, including the latest issues published to coincide with the site’s inauguration (7 | 2010).