Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos: opening of the 11th annual issue

The Latin American history and anthropology journal Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos has just published its 11th annual issue.
The journal is dedicated to the development of the digital humanities and has a new layout, better adapted to its latest developments. Consequently the debates section will be updated throughout 2011: “Atravesando fronteras. Circulación de población en los márgenes iberoamericanos. Siglos XVI-XIX”, “La nobleza india del centro de México durante el periodo novohispano. Adaptaciones, cambios y continuidades”, “La participación indígena en los mercados iberoamericanos. De la colonia a los primeros años independientes”. Other sections will also be updated in the course of the year.
Apart from bimonthly updates, the research inventory will be updated by continuous feed, an approach complemented by the real time monitoring of historical resources of Latin American history and interpretation via the Nuevo Mundo Radar.