Opening of the Observatoire de la société britannique's website

L’Observatoire de la société britannique (Université du Sud Toulon-Var) is a bilingual journal dealing with political, economic and social issues in the contemporary United Kingdom. The journal focuses on contributing to three different areas: the assessment of the full scope of issues affecting Britain in recent times; contribution to debates surrounding research methodology in British studies; and the development of a comparative approach. The journal publishes two theme-based issues per year, including proceedings from conferences focussing on British politics organised by the Observatoire de la société britannique research network. The journal has published its full collection online, 9 issues, including 8 in full text. Created in 1991, the Communication & Organisation journal is a quarterly Francophone publication dedicated to communication and organisations in all forms: businesses, institutions, and associations. For the opening of the website, the entire collection of the journal is online, including eight issues in full text.