Parution de quatre Leçons inaugurales du Collège de France

Four new inaugural lectures in the Collège de France’s Leçons inaugurales series are now available in full text: lecture no. 213, Le théâtre n’existe pas [Theatre does not exist] by Jacques Nichet, lecture no. 214, Mobiliser le savoir pour éradiquer la faim [Mobilise knowledge to eradicate hunger] by  Ismail Serageldin, lecture no. 215, L’art survivra à ses ruines [Art will survive its ruins] by Anselm Kiefer and lecture no. 216, L’énergie : stockage électrochimique et développement durable [The electrochemical storage of energy and sustainable development] by Jean-Marie Tarascon. At the Collège de France the leçon inaugurale is the first lecture given by a new professor. It is the chance for the new arrival to situate his work and teaching in relation to his predecessors and the most recent research developments. The lectures are now published in both paper and electronic versions. Each electronic issue is composed of a presentation of the professor by Collège de France’s administrator, the text of the lecture and a video recording of the lecture.