OpenEdition's New Newsletter

For our 151st newsletter, we have implemented a new layout so that you can see the information more clearly, more succinctly, and in more detail. The OpenEdition newsletter (Lettre électronique d’OpenEdition) now separates Calenda notices from those relating to and
The and newsletter will be sent once a month, informing you of the latest updates, recently published articles, and the latest blogs to appear on the platform.
Calenda notices, meanwhile, will be sent twice per month.
The OpenEdition newsletter in English
Since 2000, our newsletter has only been available in French. An English version has just been created to reach out to the international academic community. This new letter will focus on English-speaking content, published on the OpenEdition platform. The first newsletter will be sent in the weeks to come. Sign up now by visiting the page,, and entering your email address.
In the framework of LusOpenEdition, a Portuguese-language newsletter will soon become available.