Études Océan Indien, an INALCO journal devoted to western Oceania

The Études Océan indien journal has been published since 1982 under the auspices of the Centre de Recherche sur l’Océan Indien Occidental et le Monde Austronésien (CROIMA, formerly CEROI) and the INALCO. The journal publishes research work looking at the austronesian world (from Taiwan to Timor and from Madagascar to Easter Island) and the islands and coast of the western Indian Ocean (Comoros, Mascarene, Seychelles and the oceanic coast of East Africa) in the areas of archaeology, ethnology, history, linguistics and literature. The linguistic and social kaleidoscope of this oceanic region where Bantu, Arabic, Indonesian, Indian and Creole religions come together represents a little studied cultural complex that Études Océan indien sets out to reveal. For the opening of the journal’s site, three issues in full text are now available online: nos. 44 and 45 from 2010 and the double issue, 42-43 from 2009.