Encyclopédie berbère: the Berber world from A to Z

Founded by Gabriel Camps in 1984, the aim of the Encyclopédie berbère is to assemble, synthesise and disseminate knowledge about the vast diaspora of the Berber people, the study of whom is fragmented among several academic fields. The main disciplines to feature in the Encyclopédie berbère are history (of all periods), ethnology and anthropology, linguistics, literature and geography. The journal is supported by INALCO, IREMAM and AIBL, and has a new electronic editorial space assembling its 1283 articles. Volumes 12 to 27 are in full text. The five latest issues are subject to an embargo period, agreed with Éditions Peeters who since 2010 has been responsible for the sale of the print version (volumes 33 and 34, covering the letter N, have recently gone to press). The processing of the collection will continue until the full collection is available in early 2013. Entries will then be processed to create links between articles for easy browsing of the collection.