Perspectives médiévales, journal of medieval epistemology

The aim of Perspectives médiévales is to ask questions of the perception, construction, representations and interpretation of the texts and literature of the Middle Ages in the modern and contemporary periods. The unique feature of the journal, published by the Société de langues et littératures médiévales d’oc et d’oïl, lies in its epistemological and reflexive approach. It sets out to offer fresh insight into medieval studies through a re-evaluation of methods and knowledge, in order to encourage transmission among a varied audience. By joining, Perspectives médiévales has entered a new phase, and is now published exclusively in electronic form. It has also adopted an international perspective publishing articles in French, English and Italian and has joined the OpenEdition Freemium program. Articles are on open access for all and available for download in PDF and ePub for libraries subscribing to the program. The inauguration of the journal’s site coincides with the publication of issue 34 (2012): “Medieval texts and contemporary academic publishing”.