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Dąbrowa, Edward

Edward Dąbrowa. Were the Arsacids Deities ‘Revealed’?

Compte-rendu réalisé par Fabrizio Sinisi
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Edward Dąbrowa. « Were the Arsacids Deities ‘Revealed’? », in: B. Virgilio, ed., Studi Ellenistici 24, Pisa-Roma, Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2011, p. 223-230.

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1The use of the appellative of Epiphanes was introduced in Arsacid coin titolature by Artabanus I (c. 126-122 BCE), son of Mithradates I, aiming at conveying the message that he belonged to a family with divine status. After Mithradates II, it featured regularly in the titolature until the end of the dynasty. The religious dimension connected to the royal aspirations to divinity implied by the initial use of the title were lost when the Arsacid kings had to change their priorities in the struggles for power following the death of Mithradates II, focusing on supporting their claims to the throne. After that, the title had the function of proof of the royal status and confirmation of the religious charisma of the rulers.

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Fabrizio Sinisi. Dąbrowa, Edward, « Edward Dąbrowa. Were the Arsacids Deities ‘Revealed’? », Abstracta Iranica [En ligne], Volume 34-35-36 | 2016, document 55, mis en ligne le 30 juillet 2017, consulté le 12 décembre 2017. URL :

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