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Held under the auspices of Association for Coroplastic Studies and the University of Haifa (Zinman Institute of Archaeology, the Onassis Program of Hellenic Studies, the Haifa Center for Mediterranean History, Office of the Rector, Faculty of Humanities, Landscapes of Knowledge and School of History

Full text document will be published online on April 2018.


Session 1: Terracottas at Shrines from Corinth
Session 2: Greek Figurines
Session 3. Greek Theater and Grotesques
Session 4. Modern Attitudes: Collections and Fakes
Session 5. Terracottas in the Ancient Near East
Session 6. Terracottas from the Iron Age in the Levant
Session 7. Production: On Coroplasts, Technology, and Workshops
Session 8. The Ancient Near East
Session 9. Phoenicians Around the Mediterranean
Session 10. Phoenician Terracottas in Cult

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The Study of Greek Figurative Terracottas: A Cautionary Tale

Jaimee Uhlenbrock, State University of New York, New Paltz, President of the Association for Coroplastic Studies (ACoSt)

According to the Macmillan English Dictionary a cautionary tale comprises a series of events during which something bad happens that then can be used as a warning for the prevention of unfortunate events in the future. While my presentation is not intended to label as “unfortunate” some popular directions that have been taken over the course of the last two centuries in the study of Greek figurative terracottas, it is hoped that it will provide some guidance in the avoidance of future misdirection when interpreting coroplastic material. Most important in this regard is an awareness that past scholarship and current interpretations must be used critically, and that the researcher must be willing to look beneath the veneer of an argument to its core to determine its soundness. With each study...

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