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Gallo-Roman Terracottas at the Musée archéologique de l’Oise

Adrien Bossard
Bibliographical reference

Adrien Bossard, Figures de terre, Catalogue d’exposition, Musée archéologique de l’Oise, 2015


Eighty terracotta figurines from the 2013 discovery at Vendeuil-Caply are exhibited for the first time in the Musée archéologique de l’Oise, located near the archaeological site of Vendeuil-Caply. This exhibition Figures de la terre (fig. 1), which runs until November 2015, is the result of a collaboration with 11 French museums and presents in total more than 100 objects that explore the typological variety and the aesthetic character of the Gallo-Roman figurines of northern Gaul. Included in the exhibition is Marchande de statuettes à Pompéi,1 a 19th-century painting by the neo-classical painter Henry-Pierre Picou that effectively illustrates a commercial context for Roman figurines.

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1This exhibition also provided an opportunity for the Musée archéologique de l’Oise to work with schools on the subject of the archaeology of Gallo-Roman terracottas. Various collaborations resulted in the creation of a comic book, a short film, a 3D digitization, drawings, and contemporary art, among other projects. All these items are now displayed in the museum along with the Gallo-Roman figurines.

2In 2016, the exhibition will travel to the Musée Boucher-de-Perthes (Abbeville) and its museography will be adapted to their collection of figurines. Vendeuil-Caply’s corpus will be compared to the products of ancient Greek and Roman coroplasts, as visitors will be able to explore coroplasty on a much larger scale.

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1 Ca. 1850. Rennes, Musée des Beaux-Arts.

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Electronic reference

Adrien Bossard, « Gallo-Roman Terracottas at the Musée archéologique de l’Oise », Les Carnets de l’ACoSt [Online], 13 | 2015, Online since 01 September 2015, connection on 16 December 2017. URL :

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