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Kinship, gender, and social relatedness


Michael Houseman

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OK, so today we’re moving onto a session on kinship, gender and social relatedness and all that jazz. This has been the object of a fair amount of debate in the past, and presumably it will be so in the future. For those who don’t know me, my name is Michael Houseman. I’m closely linked to Aboriginal Australia through affinity, but I’ve done a little bit on kinship as well, and this is Ian Keen who will be discussant and will take up the challenge of wrapping the different papers together, at the end.

So, we’ll start with André Grau, who worked in Tiwi island, and I know her as someone as the anthropology dance, but today she’s switch hitting as a kinship bias here, and she’ll talk about a quality of being, embodied kinship amongst the Tiwi of Northern Australia.

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Michael Houseman, « Introduction », in Australian Aboriginal Anthropology Today: Critical Perspectives from Europe (« Les actes »), 2014, [En ligne], mis en ligne le 13 juin 2014, consulté le 16 décembre 2017. URL :


Michael Houseman


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