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eScholarship@McGill is McGill University’s Open Access institutional repository for the scholarly works of faculty and students. It contains almost 30.000 (in June 2011) articles, conference papers, books, research projects and theses, full text available to researchers all over the world. eScholarship@McGill is maintained and managed by McGill Library.

The front page offers two options to access material: searching or browsing. Users looking for a specific title or author’s name can launch a search, simple (one field) or advanced (two fields combined). Users preferring to have an overview of materials stored in the eScholarship@McGill can browse publications by collection, Faculty and Department, degree or subject. Honours eTheses and Graduate projects are accessible as well.

Results of both the search and the browsing display in three formats:

- the brief view is a series of thumbnails with bibliographic information underneath (title, name of author, date of publication and Faculty)

- the table view is a list of items (author’s name, title and date of publication)

- the full view is a complete bibliographical record for individual items including an abstract.

Documents open in PDF/A format. They are full-text searchable and can be navigated through using page thumbnails, located on the left-hand side panel. It is as well possible to save, print or email a part or the entire document, either from the list of results (table view) or from the PDF document itself.

Terms of use and more information about authorship rights are available on the following page: Copyright and ePrints.

The site is in English.

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  • > National Post cites Lisa Trimble regarding new sex-ed courses in Quebec

    National PostLisa Trimble, of our Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), spoke to the Canadian Press recently regarding the province's compulsory sex education courses for primary and secondary students.

    Published: 15Dec2017

  • > District m employees recognised as greatest asset

    District m, co-founded by Jean-François Côté, is a digital advertising agency that develops technological platforms to help advertisers target their audiences more effectively.

    Having experienced considerable growth over the last five years, they recognise that much of their success is owed to their employees.

    With their sights set on the future, the company continues to invest heavily in professional development, with three members of their team currently pursuing their MBA studies at th...

  • > The future of deodorant is health-conscious

    Suzannah Raff (BCom’92) is paving the way in the beauty industry’s natural deodorant boom.

    As Cleo&Coco, her aluminum-free deodorant line, reaches new heights, she recently sat down to talk about the trials and tribulations of launching a new beauty product.

    Along the way, she discusses the frustrations of waiting for major brand expansion, how to survive packaging hiccups, and the importance of giving back.

    Read more

    Published: 15Dec2017

  • > Business schools in the wake of technological revolution

    In response to Desautels Professor Henry Mintzberg’s oft-quoted assertion that that no direct link exists between leadership education and business success, an article for HR Magazine argues that business schools can indeed prepare the leaders of tomorrow to thrive in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Published: 15Dec2017

  • > Freedom of expression makes for happier workplaces

    According to new research conducted by Desautels Professor Patricia Hewlin, employees who conform to workplace values that they do not necessarily believe in are more likely to be less engaged at work, or even burn out.

    “Managers should encourage employees to voice their opinions without fear of repercussions.

    They should create a comfortable work environment and clearly communicate that disagreements can actually be good for business”, advises Prof. Hewlin.

    Published: 15Dec2017

  • > Nandini Ramanujam to co-chair Principal’s Task Force on Respect and Inclusion in Campus Life

    Professor Nandini Ramanujam, Executive Director of the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, was recently appointed co-chair of the Principal’s Task Force on Respect and Inclusion in Campus Life, alongside with the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Bruce Lennox.

    Published: 14Dec2017

  • > Music in the atrium: students from Music Education class work with artists-in-residence

    by Aaron Richmond & Victoria Stanton, Artists-in-Residence, Faculty of Education

    Published: 14Dec2017

  • > Does Trump want peace in the Middle East?

    "To some extent, it is beyond the control of world leaders, and has more to do with the cycle of protest," says Rex Brynen, a political science professor at McGill University whose work focuses on the conflict. "Most Western leaders will be trying to calm things. The Palestine Authority, although deeply dismayed by the U.S. decision, has no interest in protests getting out of hand. Nor does Jordan. However, some in the region—President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey, for example, or Hamas, o...

  • > Does Chagas disease present a health risk to Canadians?

    Believe it or not, a tropical blood parasite native to Latin America could be harmful to Canadians. Infectious diseases like malaria or Zika may have dominated recent headlines but Chagas – the “Kissing Bug” disease – is in the spotlight following the publication of a new case study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). Tropical and laboratory medicine experts from Winnipeg and Montreal warn natives of specific Central and South American nations and their offspring are at risk ...

  • > Aziz Choudry's book "Learning Activism" reviewed by Dr. Mehmet Ugur, Social Movement Studies journal

    Learning ActivismProfessor Mehmet Ugur, of the Department of International Business and Economics with University of Greenwich, has reviewed Aziz Choudry's book Learning Activism: The Intellectual Life of Contemporary Social Movements (University of Toronto Press, 2015

    Published: 14Dec2017

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