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A. Castro et M. Singer (eds), Unhealthy Health Policy: A Critical Anthropological Examination

Cathy Hodge McCoid
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A. Castro et M. Singer (eds), Unhealthy Health Policy: A Critical Anthropological Examination, Altamira Press, 2004.

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1Cette nouvelle collection aborde avec une approche d’anthropologie critique les fondements des politiques internationales de santé publique. Du fait des inégalités sociales prévalentes, les politiques de santé, qui affichent un objectif de protection de la santé des populations, créent souvent une menace pour la santé des populations vulnérables, telles que les minorités ethniques ou les pauvres. Cet ouvrage s’intéresse à l’anthropologie des politiques de santé, du processus de prise de décision, de l’inscription sociale des décideurs et des influences auxquelles les décisions sont soumises, à l’impact de ces politiques sur les vies. Cet ouvrage propose une perspective critique qui sera utile aux spécialistes de l’anthropologie et la sociologie médicale, la santé publique, et du droit des minorités.

2Sommaire :

  • Pearls of the Antilles? Public Health in Haiti and Cuba. Paul Farmer, Arachu Castro

  • The Visible Fist of the Market: Health Reforms in Latin America. Francisco Armada, Carles Muntaner

  • Primary Health Care since Alma Ata: Lost in the Bretton Woods? Joan E. Paluzzi

  • International NGOs in the Mozambique Health Sector: The Velvet Glove of Privatization. James Pfeiffer

  • Equity in Access to AIDS Treatment in Africa: Pitfalls amongst Achievements. Alice Desclaux

  • The Shifting Policies Towards Traditional Midwives: Implications for Reproductive Health Care in Pakistan. Fouzieyha Towghi

  • The Contradictions of a Revolving Drug Fund in Post-Soviet Tajikistan: Selling Medicines to Starving Patients. Salmaan Keshavjee

  • How Healthy are Health and Population Policies? The Indian Experience. Imrana Qadeer, Nalini Visvanathan

  • Contracepting at Childbirth: The Integration of International Reproductive Health and Population Policies in Mexico. Arachu Castro

  • Happy Children with AIDS: The Paradox of a Healthy National Program in an Unequal and Exclusionary Brazil. Cesar E. AbadÌa-Barrero

  • Between Risk and Confession: The Popularization of Syphilis Prophylaxis in Revolutionary Mexico. Katherine Elaine Bliss

  • Saving Lives, Destroying Livelihoods: Emergency Evacuation and Resettlement Policies in Ecuador. Linda Whiteford, Graham Tobin

  • Social Illegitimacy as a Foundation of Health Inequality: How the Political Treatment of Immigrants Illuminates a French Paradox. Didier Fassin

  • The Indian Health Transfer Policy in Canada: Towards Self-Determination or Cost-Containment? Kristen M. Jacklin, Wayne Warry

  • Land and Rural New Mexican Hispanicsí Mistrust of Federal Programs: The Unintended Consequences of Medicaid Eligibility Rules. Sarah Horton

  • Sugar Blues: A Social Anatomy of the Diabetes Epidemic in the United States. Claudia Chaufan

  • The Death and Resurrection of Medicaid Managed Care for Mental Health Services in New Mexico. Cathleen Willging, Howard Waitzkin, William Wagner

  • Why it is Easier to Get Drugs than Drug Treatment in the United States? Merrill Singer

  • Syringe Access, HIV Risk, and AIDS in Massachusetts and Connecticut: The Health Implications of Public Policy. David Buchanan, Merrill Singer, Susan Shaw, Wei Teng, Tom Stopka, Kaveh Khoshnoo

  • U.S. Inner City Apartheid and the War on Drugs: Crack among Homeless Heroin Addicts. Philippe Bourgois

  • Home Birth Emergencies in the United States: The Trouble with Transport. Robbie E. Davis-Floyd

  • United States Health Policy on Alternative Medicine: A Case Study in the Cooptation of a Popular Movement. Hans A. Baer

  • Why Is Prevention Not the Focus for Breast Cancer Policy in the United States Rather than High-Tech Medical Solutions?

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