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Vol. XXXIV N° 1 | 2015
La formation en langues/LANSAD dans les centres de langues : état des lieux et perspectives

Volume coordonné par RANACLES (Rassemblement national des centres de langues de l’enseignement supérieur)
Language Training for Non-specialists in University Language Centres: State of Affairs and Perspectives
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244 pages
ISBN 978-2-8218-5355-3

The teaching of languages to specialists of other disciplines was generalised in French and European universities at the end of the 80s. Since then, universities have gradually been organising this new sector by creating specific structures such as Language Centres or Language Resource Centres (LCs) with an aim to guarantee greater coherence to the wide range of courses offered. The 20th RANACLES Congress aimed to review the current action of university LCs in France and Europe from institutional, pedagogical and scientific points of view. Some key questions concerning language teaching and learning in LCs were examined and avenues of investigation for the future were looked at. This volume of "Researching and Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes" botn appraises the research led up until now and opens up new areas of studies.