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Maurizio Gotti, Stefania Maci, Michele Sala (eds.), Insights into Medical Communication

Bern, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Vienna: Peter Lang, 2015
Jean-Pierre Charpy
p. 121-131
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Gotti, Maurizio, Stefania Maci & Michele Sala (eds.). 2015. Insights into Medical Communication. Bern, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Vienna: Peter Lang, Linguistic Insights 203. 422 pp. ISBN 978-3-0343-1694-1.

Texte intégral

1Medical discourse is a multifaceted object of research. It has been the object of in-depth investigations from both a synchronic (Gotti & Salager-Meyer 2006) and diachronic (Taavitsainen & Pahta 2004, 2011) viewpoint. Thus, classic genres associated with traditional medical research (the research article, the abstract, letters to the editor, the conference presentation) and clinical practice (doctor-patient conversations, the referral letter) have generated a vast literature, often dominated by purely linguistic approaches. However, new forms of interactive communication and such newfangled genres as blogs, tweets, wikis or electronic patient information leaflets, which involve both professionals (medical doctors or interns, healthcare providers) and non-professionals (patients, laypersons), have drawn the attention of researchers. Although recent studies (Myers 2010) have explored these new avenues of research, much remains to be done, all the more so as the pace at which new Internet technologies and social media are assuming new shapes is very challenging. That is why we have every reason to welcome the publication of Insights into Medical Communication, the 203rd volume of the Peter Lang “Linguistic Insights” series, co-edited by Maurizio Gotti, Stefania Maci and Michele Sala. It is worth noting that the aim of this series is

[…] to promote specialist language studies, both in the fields of linguistic theory and applied linguistics, by publishing volumes that focus on specific aspects of language use in one or several languages and provide valuable insights into language and communication research. A cross-disciplinary approach is favoured and most European languages are accepted.1

Editorial characteristics

  • 2 See Cerlis site <>.

2This volume is made up of collected papers assembled from plenary talks and workshop presentations given at the Bergamo University International Conference hosted by Cerlis (The Language of Medicine: Science, Practice and Academia, 19-21 June 2014).2 It begins with a general introduction signed by the co-editors, followed by an introductory article written by Srikant Sarangi, one of the Bergamo conference plenary speakers. The rest of the book comprises sixteen individual or co-authored contributions, distributed into four sections dealing with communication in medical practice, communication with patients, the communication of healthcare information and research findings. In addition to the collection of papers, notes on contributors are also available. The target language of the book is English, but it is interesting to note that, within the collected papers, two chapters devoted to contrastive studies include documents in Portuguese (pp. 145-152) and in Italian (pp. 170-181). The contributors come from various fields of enquiry (rhetoric, philology, linguistics and translation, specialised discourse analysis, media language and communication, the study of online genres) and they share a common interest in applied linguistics, corpus-based studies and critical discourse analysis. Most of the contributors are either experienced ESP teachers or researchers, but not all of them are specialists of medical discourse. As a matter of fact, several have specialised in academic or legal discourse, and one of them is a member of the medical profession; all of this is in keeping with the cross-disciplinary approach advocated in the “Linguistic Insights” series.


3The useful general introduction signed by the three co-editors not only presents the introductory chapter and the sixteen contributions, but also provides the reader with an overview of some of the most significant recent research work carried out in the area of medical communication studies, laying special emphasis on the “open genre network” theory put forward by Swales and Feaks (2000), the theory of social interactions developed by Hyland (2004) and the ethnographic approach to discourse analysis advocated by Roberts and Sarangi (2005). The reader will also find a precious update on the development of Web-based technology and its sociolinguistic implications (Myers 2010). Above all, it highlights the transdisciplinary richness of the mosaic of viewpoints presented in this collection of papers.

Srikant Sarangi,RYsintroductory article ,title=d“oEperit on teperit ; susailnng sommunicies tf interast , rases she mqustinn of phe mouch-needd conlabloraive sork chat fritical dnalysis and Sealthcare provessionals (hopuldenqgge ain The ruthoreprovides tatheoryeical dntroduction so darious fnterapyeicv froameorkshin the aealthcare psettng. THs siartingP ointsis ihe aotinn of ponterapyeicv farioabiity tntroductd by RGilertsand Miulka (r198). Communication in medical practice

35/span>The uirstpsectionsof the book is Eividud into four shapters The rirstpswo chntributions,addirss ohe insueNof social iedia l(ore sartieculare the tse if sTitter:)within the colnext wf medical cractice The roher ehntributions,adr more slinical lyorignted ind dialtwith communicatiov insueN that fave sld co tmseia gnosehin the aieldstf irsychiahy

TIn“oScial media ard provessionalspractice InIWe<(n ahe pursonali ld she ruovessionalspeods )em>, Iatient i/em>Iatient iare p/em> Iatient isafety/em>< (n ahe pnttrntuional teods) The ruthoreplso fsuges t that foost sheets,abymedical profession;ls (antbe dset tas hybri cbeweet teods . t(. 163) Thocolnc ude cyers RYarticle ws mathod=cal lyoritten bnd Sensaialysis, mathough rased tnsansraher emall2sorpus- ciefnictey prevides tew avd sotimulctng snsights into lntbrea of mesearch ftat is wotil lanrgey punxplored

TAnta TrastzkewpiczRYsihntributionsfoMdical doctors ornCTitter::Howeand wohy MDssheets techoe the parevous frticle In aact, sartiaf the ButhoreRYsinalysis as ibaed tnsayers RYaheoryeical desearch work . Lik syers whe suthoreppinoints poth ibntsfts s(artieculare the tichness old she rdversity If Web-based tcmmunication.)ard provblemst(uch na tnsueN tf papient irisvacyor resloabiity tf intormation ) elatid co the tse if sTitter:an aealthcare pcmmunication. BHr ehnpus-comprises she ruoveies and Fheets,af thenmedical profession;ls which ish studies iueng thaeWritical dnalysii af miscourse avd sotace preoidud iy Maers 2(010),2014). TCntrasy tao he parevous fontributions, bte roher ehapters dre pcnt ren bn sct,ul ihsedwtudyes and crinical pobervtion in mhe aieldstf irsychiahy -elatid cil ess e, Although rhe puthors"RYagol in to bnalysi medical permeiology and islienotaspects of lociol-edical communication the irpnalysi dre pot obaed tnsaanrgeelectronic phnpuret tut an soansdripbd bhacdritten bhsedwotes on cte ronebhacd,and capapient RYsiedical cohatsand Midudofnteraiew ofnbte roher ehacd

TInhis sercion, the sinc uton sf maphapter an ahich ihe suthors"provide v relronpectsov iis oric,l dnalysii as a melcome thntributionsfao he ptudy of oommunication in medical practice,.CarmoloBeksrnkoter:, Cisticta Hnguied-Beseh idd MKika Drehr:, isfoDscriptioveirsychoapihlogy an acsylumbhsedwis orices:The coae if sHretion Baldwin , ocus on ste coae itudy of oaIatient isu ereng sfom vmntc pnpstods tn aeare t20h cont uy tnglind cad wohos rdv gnosi af mMntc pDelrss on iInsaiciym(MDI)iwasonee tade uweeniymyear a fer ahe tresentationsof ehe ptymptomsbn sctourniaf thrmeiologycal pmdsuner tandang. Tha itudy oiarti tf ewith a gery rseful gresentationsof eGrmerchrsychiahyst lEmil KraeplineRYsiiefnictonsof eMDIat the B uysof ehe pont uy matog with the cescription"of ehe pteyltal ptymptomsbn ehe pil ess Lame=y pmnia Mpd dialrss on ilternateng with pariod" of laucidty TRferrang to nhe sonnepteof ponre gstiemen t t(. 193) to weich ihe presfr ahe tiemepoupalk , he suthors"pare ulltydocumentsehe ptlweaipriegntionsof ehe pew aermeiology an mhe aBiticshhrsychiahyscsormuniciy Alfer aoansdripbng.ap tcmdng thaeWsvent=yor gin.l ihsedwotes oritten by SBaldwinsiasychiahyst .at the Btim, the presentstwo chapti thopwng thaeWtog ntudn.l ieolumionsanadforuieistionsof ehe painsptymptomsbn ehe pil ess The ruticle wend on ste cssumition"ohat the ainguistic ireresentationsof ehe potinn of pMDIaheled basychiahyst .ao contepteulisedits soymptomsbld shes- cade uts sdv gnosi aeaser"

TIn“oDsaectiocl iarioaionsanadfmscoumunication in medical piscourse :A crae itudy , Syeyle Grav , tRebecca BusonaanadfVitorsThorese-Cmlabzoitudy oacoae if srsychiahyscsmseia gnosi,arom v synchronic (iewpoint. TAnAlfic,ln-Ameic,lnworerchpeakeng tlfic,ln-Ameic,lnwVrnatcularEnglish, (AAVE)presented iith ptic ewmusle , teoteon,l poymptomsbld sreretid cfllestad woa (meis)ia gnosedwith an xie=yofr several lyear abefse pRebecca Busona one of the Bo-authore- cade uhe aiealspdv gnosi af mSic ewPrsona Syndrme t(SPS) The ruthoresfsuges tohat tmseia gnosi,amaybe doueco tanguistic ap tcultual lact,resfhat tleadto disaectipiscourdace Alfer aresenteng.aprev=ew of she ainerature,tnsaanguage aarioaionsanadfisaectipiscourdace the pontepnuactdon contvntion l medical ruaclnng sorkd onsociated with tSPS The irpritical dnalysii af mhe pacient RYsiohatsa(.  121) uner pns toe contrist lbeweet tplrofierdmedical permeiology a(frepntotace poTee cyrunkcflle and the eacient RYsiownsorkd o(oIRYmfavengP oovblemstith tfllengP The rearonpectsov iohatsaev=ew ohat foclowes(pp. 1722-124)(onfeirm toe cocial /thnoc parejudncN that foctors ohioidopot obetog wao he pacient RYsiormuniciymeghtsiave TAnlysii af mhe paost-ia gnosi,aidudoff mhe pacient (hopwsshat far:aepeeh isylesavd sotylstic aarioats/bwer most srovbble t syurce"of oommunicatiov confeuton Beryod the er gin.l ty tf ihis isdividual orae itudy the sefindings Communicating with patients

311/span>The uercod tercion, thich in made up of cour shapters caovs on ctomose pnttrntuional tnsueN The rirstpswo chapters dre pevoted to coe contrist ve studi of oaIpecific aenre , Pcient (Iformation aLaflets, (PILs);thaeWtnguage (nvolve ire pnglish, bortuguese (nd stalian The roher ehapters df eremapmultimodliaiscourse analysis af misrrci-to-onfimero drugadvoeticsments/bnd Snline goelf-are pcmmunication.;poth itudyes aocus on ste cnteraplaybe weet tritten bext wnd Sraphic areiidsul ilements/

The uointsif viewpff mhe pirstpshntributionsfi ivervty pmultianguial In aoAtenitiog thaeWeasefcation of hPcient (Iformation aLaflets, (PILs)intmBrazil , ClineaFrand pcmmaren toe cnglish, nd SBrazilan (ersitn sof coe come =cents Tha itudy oiarti tf ewith a gresentationsof ehe pnttrntuional tnadfisscrsecv froameorksof eBrazilan (PILs which idr miegulctd by the tational Cealthcfsurveil ace pge nc a(ANVISA),and comfrngue with a getailsd discription"of ehe irpenerac atrukcure, The ruthoreptht tepainarsthe colncpteof ponasefcation t(. 1144)(ormaulctd by tBat a l(1983) tith a geew oh chaeceng twheher ehlarfy tnd Sealthcaineratcyadr me ertsov . Se cnasefysoaee cnermst(r gin.l e t daptd by tanguistis)ialk narom v npudate deBrazilan (PILahat fctoumarnirsthe cenerac adrugaAlprazolam The ruthoreRYsihntrist ve snalysii as aartieculare trlemont but it is iiegearableOahat fome of the mrapmatiocl or clexcal pmdsalk presentean mhe ar gin.l inglish, ersitn bwer mvervlookd in the uthoreRYsindapttion. BNveratele ss,ste cnterast of thes aartiecularshntributionsfot only ples incuts sbianguialihntrist ve snproach aut also pis preoaosl pe cheato v rtask(orme"of oeperittanguististnd Susrs to txplored urt er exasefcation oreocedre,/

The uercod thntributionsfi ilso avndnalysii af mhe paopularistionsof eedical piscourse in the enre nf mPILS In ao‘Cvndyoureadethes aeaflets?RY: Usrs-figntdine s of tPcient (Iformation aLaflets, n the UKand in Itali , Rosit Maclis pcmmaren tixtey-fve soPILsof the mosnth thlk narom vhe UKaPILahnpus-cith the irptalian (ourniraprti The coapter aiarti tith teneral iackegrurnddnformation ao (PILs;special emphasis os aeai cn ste cegal drquivrments/bhat fiegulctdthe irprovuction the irpsmplicfcation ond the irtranslation,into lEUWtnguage (oher ehatninglish, The cpas gesarom veperit-to-eperittext wo coe ciealspersitn bf she aiypersonsorignted iPILas aighlightsed Beysarriing sft fasorpus-based snvestigationsbf she anglish, cents whe suthoreppinoints phe tietoric,li,phrmeiologycal pvd sotukcurel peuactdies ahat fcrepued io foaciityctdthxt weadeabiity The , spaeWepainarstheee cdrugaoctdioies, (OTCcdrugs wOTC tith tedical pdvoce, creseription"odrugs)by tcmmareng snglish, nd Stalian (ersitn sof coe come =cents Tha ioapter aolnc ude,afnbte robervtion ihat, woueco tdiference .in ocultual lnadenpstiemlogieal dackegrurnds wtalian (PILsocrepeneral y pl s ousrs-figntdiyehatniUKaon , mad thet, wn onrer wao ipriov paopularistionsof etalian (PILs,patients<(hopuldeb colnsultd st as tho iprements neess ay chapnes

TInhidtheir thntributions,soPcient (meis)uner iraseription" oocial iedia :MiultimodliaDscourse iAnlysii af meDTCA , Anta rankca PastpneaFonfidenrssohe painnr an ahich imultimodliacentscontvn ricsk(ad tbntsftsinformation and rte cwa tn ahich ismeioic ireresentations,amaybcaus rdvtract,on. t(. 1196 Therugh rapseful gnalysii af mheeniy-our sYouTub cidudospaostd by puhamatceutcal pcmmarnirs whe suthoreppesents the iainspharacteristics The uiort eioapter af mhes iercion, toEmpowreng.aatients<(o coelf-are pn teb-bedia td tcmmunication.:A ciultimodliaDscourse iAnlysii , ritten by SGirolamo Tsesrto,also ficus e on ste cnteractionsae weet tritten bext sand Midsul s TRferrang to nKrss ond Mia aLaeueen(29996) the suthorepepainarstateapepract,d from phe UKbased sSelf-Cre pLibasy twebite &eveloped by Huovessionalspealthcateamsto promide voth prtients<(nd Sealthcaare provessionals (ith tnline gedical reseurce". Alfer a gresentationsof ehe pontentswnd Srneral ilayfutif coe cote ottention os irai co tanguage aarksrs 2uch na tursonali arn urns<(em>In/yfu/we/em><) the sincdente"of oeportctiov inmperaive , the communicatiov fruntionsof tqustinn , the reoleaplayd by antsov /pas ve stuukcure, and snpstiemc apd diaot dcaeodli(ersb, mad the tse if sdooins-pecific asdjctsov s The rastpaddition to thes wotdi oonfidts of mvndnalysii af mhe pnteractive cruntionsoad the tcmmaositon l iidsul s mage<, n the Hme oage" The ruthorepsuges t that fhe ainguistic ind Midsul ifeture, af mhe pext wonrepued io fonfiuukcumisrrcicolncprnand comfrctiawth the csdividual oeader ,al iatients, thioidr menoursge"dto be ome tctive cge nt t…] tn the colmunication antivefy tviatheoteb-. t(. 1233)

Communicating healthcare information

316/span>The uheir tectionsoomprises sheee coapters dhich iialtwith cnternet bedia td tcmmunication.dnd she rhansleisitn bf sarevntion orignted iealthcare information< Most of the cext saelected"ofr shitical dnalysii are iarget d sntsither eyfug turopl or sgabledr, mad tre iark narom vhe webite tf inttrntuional tne nces tf resgstiemd tcharfyes.

317/span>TIn“oLivng with pia e wes:The ciscourse if medical dnformation ao (he nternet tfr syfug turopl , Jdieh pTurnbulltxplored the transdfr af mdooins-pecific anformation aolncprnng wia e wesand its sarevntion within the colnext wf mwo cUKawebite tim d sntschildrn bnd Seen ger-s. Frstp she suthorepobervesthat, whatnk to the eevelopment of Web- 2.0,healthcare information as aotWtog remtribcty pistributed intiaco p-downsfashon, trom veperitto notn-eperit but i,lnwcirculctdtntiacusrs-to-usrsieods,tn ahich isdividual stalk samore sntive cartiaineedical picifitn s Theisiarridigatiocspaif has bnd ctd bew aommunicatiov feuactdies asothat fhe aedical pmss gesi,lnwet lnross-go nyfug turopl Alfer a gseful gev=ew of she ainerature,tnsahe colgictov and communicatiov anpects of lknowe=destransdfr a(Moirnd c2003 and the eaopularistionsof erovessionalspdscourse a(yland (010). she suthorepaovs on ctomacontrist ve studi of ooe couactdies aued in ahe cexn ger-sRYard trdultsRYaections df ehe poharfy -elgstiemd twebite The , spaeWepainarsthe cexn ger-sRYard the pohildrn RYsiectionsof the bwo cwebite to fonmarenthe irtrepectsov iisscrsecv fouactdies TRfder ,aill alprecioctdthe shiytial-cleardnalysii af mhe pouactdie approaches. brugh tco tanhtsib the tuthore thioiotes ohat, wolgictov lyhpeakeng ,the cexn ger-s re providerdwith antanhtsr an ormation leodethevndndults whice ,trom v sommunicatiov aiewpoint.,ste cnteraursonali ld seoteon,l pdm dsions 318/span>TIn“ohe cReresentationsof egableng snsegableng sawrentss ocamarigns:The ciscorsecv fonfiuukcuon sf maditcion , Pcola Cctdnacciotf ere iactudi of ote cnplications (f eietoric,liard tinguistic ireresentationssof egableng snseawrentss -raseng tcamarignsfonfuctid in ahe cUSA Carnad Mpd dAutraclia In aduirstpsetep she suthorepescripbd toe coaif hrom vhe heeniieth-ont uy totinn of pgableng ,tursceivd sn a meoal y prereshdsioleOaflaw to wapihlogyc,liagableng sset tas p in trntuional tnl ess (rom v1980on ard ) In a=ew of shei aeolumions spaeWrgeeN that fo[d]scourse aplay a mke aeoleaoth in the focial ionfiuukcuon sf mnl ess nd in Ihe pacihlogycztionsof eeveiace p…] t(. 1270) The , sta itudy oicus e on sn trntuional tcmmunication.dviatheotisscrsecv fouactdies iprementsd in ahe course if mheee cdiferenctiarevntion wcamarigns The rirdings 319/span>The uastpaoapter af mhes iercion,pescripbd thpwUKand iUS gvervnent ore nces tddirss ohe iqustinn of pealthcy eteng sfr shhildrn In aoAthorefy tnd Ssoltdarfy :Howean trntuional tWebite tn ahe cUSard the pUKacmmunicatie nutriton l muisdline" , Miriam Batsieplored the ttuukcure,af misetsy tuisdline" iark narom vhe webite tf ieveral lublicamre nces BUsng.tFairclugh RYsihitical dnalysii aroameorkso29995. she suthoreRYsieinspim on to bnalysi mommunicatiov feuactdies ard the pdudoogycal phnfiuukcuon sf miscourse in ta ody if mUKand iUS saprems Alfer aresenteng.ate cegxcal pptter n af mhe pext s which iusul y ponrrepeos io frneral iiscourse, ash studies ioe coaif hrom vhe r gin.l ipowrewitelud iy Mnttrntuionastao he parogrss ov mephowreent of Wcticzes toerugh roth iew forms of ireresentationsond Ssemnt dcaohoices Tha itudy oend obypolnc udcg that ,tn ahe cUSaext s wsoltdarfy as aighlightsedsixgcerchildrn bnd Sarent- Communicating research findings

320/span>The uir,l poctionsof the bolume is mcmmaosestf ifov iohaters dcnt ren bn ssienctfic asndgedical research. Itteresting e ,she sarious fhntributions,aonfidenrthpwontvntion l mesearch ftuukcure, anr mie-olnext ulised in aocial iedia Tha itctionsoomvre iacitderelnesnf media ahich isdc ude,afnine glrss orlemsiN ,webogs, nd research fetters

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