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Millstone E. & T. Lang (eds.), The atlas of food

London, Earthscan & Myriad Editions Limited, 2003, 128 p.
Julien Vandeburie
p. 408-409
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MILLSTONE E. & T. LANG (eds.), The atlas of food, London, Earthscan & Myriad Editions Limited, 128 p.

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1This atlas, which contains maps and comments, examines the question of food: Who eats what, where and why?

2Firstly, after an introduction, contemporary challenges are examined. First of them, Feeding the world, shows a map of available calories. But what’s the reality of that kind of map in India? The second, Population and productivity increases, is presented in two separate maps. It would have been preferable to compare these two indicators, as would have been the use of statistics relating to more than one year. The third, Environmental changes, is limited to soil degradation (by continents) and global climate change (temperature). The fourth is dedicated to Water pressure by country: why are Belgium and Danemark placed in water stress category together with Egypt and Burkina Faso? Other issues are Unsafe drinking water, Under-nutrition (vitamin deficiency), Over-nutrition. Food aid and food aid as power, though an interesting chapter, does not question the use of that food aid (rebels, corruption) neither the origin of the need for aid.

3The second part, devoted to Farming, presents maps about mechanization, industrial farming, mad cow disease, and so on.

4Trade is dealt with in the third part. Flows by great continental groups are presented. Some interesting maps on food transport, subsidies and tariffs are included. Fair trade and trade disputes are also addressed.

5The fourth part, called Processing, retailing and consumption, deals with fast food, eating out, alcohol consumption, advertising, international consumers associations and presents world tables.

6In brief, an interesting book containing some original informations, though within the traditional limit of that type of book, especially the scales used.

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Julien Vandeburie, « Millstone E. & T. Lang (eds.), The atlas of food », Belgeo, 3 | 2005, 408-409.

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Julien Vandeburie, « Millstone E. & T. Lang (eds.), The atlas of food », Belgeo [En ligne], 3 | 2005, mis en ligne le 28 octobre 2013, consulté le 22 février 2018. URL :

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Julien Vandeburie

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