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Gwynne R.N. & C. Kay (eds.), Latin America transformed, Globalization and modernity

London, Arnold, 2004, 2nd ed., 316 p.
Julien Vandeburie
p. 414-415
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GWYNNE R.N. & C. KAY (eds.) Latin America transformed, Globalization and modernity, London, Arnold, 2nd ed., 316 p.

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1This is the second edition of an interesting book about Latin America, divided in four main parts. In the first part, Globaliza­tion and modernity, the authors, mainly teachers from Europe and the USA, set back society, cultural identities (chapter 2), structural reform (chapter 3), urban revolution (chapter 5), political economy of sustainable development (chapter 6), in the framework of the neo-liberal transformation of Latin America.

2Part Two deals with Political transformations, from authoritarianism, democracy and development (chapter 7) to new political order (chapter 8).

3Part Three is about Space, society and livelihoods: Rural and urban livelihoods (chapters 11 and 12) and their links with civil society (chapter 10) and globalization (chapter 9).

4Part Four concludes the book with interesting reflections on alternatives to neoliberalism.

5This book asks some very good questions on the future of Latin America and offers excellent reflections on many problems, such as land reform, neoliberal policies, rural and urban poverty, and the need for a sustainable development. Although maps are too few, it contains a lot of pedagogic documents as well as a remarkable analysis of the Chilean development model.

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Julien Vandeburie, « Gwynne R.N. & C. Kay (eds.), Latin America transformed, Globalization and modernity », Belgeo, 3 | 2005, 414-415.

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Julien Vandeburie, « Gwynne R.N. & C. Kay (eds.), Latin America transformed, Globalization and modernity », Belgeo [En ligne], 3 | 2005, mis en ligne le 28 octobre 2013, consulté le 22 février 2018. URL :

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Julien Vandeburie

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