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Skelton T. (ed.) Introduction to Pan-Caribbean

London, Arnold, 184 p.
J. Vandeburie
p. 497-508
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Skelton T. (ed.), Introduction to Pan-Caribbean, London, Arnold, 2004, 184 p.

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1It is relatively rare to read some good books about Caribbean. So, the book edited by T. Skelton takes the place of a lack.

2It begins with a definition of the Pan-Caribbean region : diversity and resemblance, a kind of geographic introduction to the region. Then, C. Scott explains the most important historic elements to understand the organisation of the region. Thirdly, T. Skelton describes the issues of development in the region, the situation of countries’ dependence and asks if crises will overcome. Responses of Pan-Caribbean in a globalised world are analysed by J. Byron in chapter 4. Chapter 5 introduces the risks of tourism. L. Brown analyses the contexts of migration and diasporic identities in chapter 6. D. Howard examines Caribbean social perspectives in chapter 7 and L. Honychurch the cultural formations in chapter 8.

3Finally, a good book about the challenges of Pan-Caribbean region.

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J. Vandeburie, « Skelton T. (ed.) Introduction to Pan-Caribbean », Belgeo, 4 | 2004, 497-508.

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J. Vandeburie, « Skelton T. (ed.) Introduction to Pan-Caribbean », Belgeo [En ligne], 4 | 2004, mis en ligne le 15 septembre 2013, consulté le 19 janvier 2018. URL :

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J. Vandeburie

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