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1This issue of the BMS includes an extensive research article in French and two Ongoing Research reports in English. The research article, "Marlowe, Prospero and Literary Technology", by Francis Chateauraynaud (EHESS & Doxa), Bernard Reber (CERSES-CNRS) and Karl van Meter (LASMAS-CNRS), describes the development of the Prospéro program for the analysis of complex dossiers of texts concerning social controversies, and Prospero's extension and adaptation with Marlowe to direct natural language dialog with researchers concerning specific complex dossiers of texts. The first coauthor is one of the programs' principal authors, the second coauthor participated in a recent public dialogue and experiment with Marlowe and the third coauthor reviews the volume on Prospéro recently published by the first coauthor.

2In the first Ongoing Research report, "Nonresponse in Surveys: Determining the Research Agenda for the Future", Joop Hox, Edith de Leeuw, and Ger Snijkers (Utrecht University), describe research questions and their priorities as reported by experienced researchers in the field of nonresponse who attended a recent international nonresponse workshop in Copenhagen. These experts gave highest priority to research on statistical non-response adjustment and measures to reduce non-response, including monitoring the effects of these measures.

3In the second Ongoing Research report, "Proxy Networks -- Analyzing One Network to Reveal Another", Valdis Krebs ( uses data from Web-based book retailers to construct social networks of "buddy books" (those purchased together). Although the actual political affiliation of each book purchaser is not known, the structure of the buddy book network shows that there are two clearly divided groups: a larger and more diffuse left-of-center readership, and a smaller and more closely tied right-of-center readership. Types or networks of readers linked to a specific author are also studied.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique, 79 | 2003, 3.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique [En ligne], 79 | 2003, mis en ligne le 18 avril 2008, consulté le 11 décembre 2017. URL :

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