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1This issue of the BMS includes the Spring 2003 Newsletter of RC33, the International Sociological Association Research Committee on Logic and Methodology. Indeed, RC33 and its members provided extensive material for this issue, including the two "Ongoing Research" articles and many of the works reviewed in the "Books" section.

2The research article in this issue, "From the Sociology of Science to Sociological Journals", by Philippe Jeannin (University of Toulouse, IUT of Tarbes, Ministry of Research), presents, in detail, the author's extensive survey of both French and foreign research journals. The author's methodology of selection and open, scientific-community-based evaluation are original and dynamic, offering a "democratic" consensus as a means of treating the sensitive problem of evaluating scientific publications.

3The first "Ongoing Research" article, "International Conference on Methodology and Statistics, Ljubljana, 15-18 September 2002", by Valentina Hlebec and Anuska Ferligoj (University of Ljubljana), presents this twentieth annual Slovenian social science methodology conference and provides documentation the previous meetings.

4The second "Ongoing Research" article, "Second RC33 Cologne 2000 Social Science Methodology Conference Report ", by Karl M. van Meter (LASMAS-CNRS), is both a "second" presentation of the October 2000 RC33 Conference in Cologne, and a review of the updated and extended conference CD-ROM which includes some 70 additional full articles based on conference presentations but not available at the meeting.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique, 78 | 2003, 3.

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