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1This issue of the BMS includes three research articles (one in English and two in French), an Ongoing Research article in French and the Spring 2008 Newsletter of the International Sociological Association’s Research Committee on Logic and Methodology (RC33). The first research article, “Harmonisation of Demographic and Socio-Economic Variables in Cross-National Survey Research”, by Jürgen H. P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, uses education variables as an example of harmonisation and moves from national concepts and structures concerning education to an internationally-applicable measurement instrument.

2The second research article, “The Study of Shared Opinions in Varied Relational Situations – The Multiple-Association Methodology”, by Sophie Taze, examines the manner in which actors manage to form an opinion concerning certain aspects of AIDS when associated with different reference systems. She develops a survey tool capable of collecting information on actor opinions and the relational processes that produced them by comparing an actor’s opinions formulated in two different situations, and then performs a structural analysis of that data.

3In the third research article, “Using the Semantic Differenciator in Sociology to Understand the Active Factors in the Choice of Playing Sports”, Stéphane Méry presents Osgood’s semantic differenciator and applies it in a study of sociology of sports students’ and players’ representation of five sports.

4The Ongoing Research article, “Youth, Digital Generation and Online Surveys – An Example of Two Surveys Among Young Quebecois”, by Jacques Hamel, Gabriel Doré and Christian Méthot, presents the technical aspects of online surveys, two of which are used to study professional and social integration of the digital generation in the “new economy”, and college and university student values concerning sociological studies, social work and medecin.

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