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1In this issue of the BMS, there are three research articles and one ongoing research report. The first research article, “Computer-Assisted Pretesting of CATI Questionnaires (CAPTIQ)”, by Frank Faulbaum (Universität Duisburg-Essen), presents a method for Computer-Assisted Pretesting of Telephone Interview Questionnaires (CAPTIQ) which allows respondents’ behavior to be coded during the interview without overburdening the interviewer. The pretest data may be seen as longitudinal data forming an Interview Process Graph (IPG) which reveals problem zones occurying during the interview as oscillations of the IPG.

2The second research article, “Opinion Surveys in the Study of Mountain Sports”, by Jean Corneloup (Unité Mixte de Recherche Pacte 5194, Grenoble), develops the structure of opinions on sports in the mountains and their interplay with the management of that space of practice. The article presents the theoretical framework and methodology used in this particular survey and shows how these opinions on sports are related to opinions on all social conflicts and attitudes toward society, in general.

3The third research article, “Representativeness Problems Inherent in Address-Based Sampling and a Modification of the Leslie Kish Grid”, by Renáta Németh (Hungarian National Center for Epidemiology and Eötvös Loránd University), concerns the problem of drawing a person from a household in order to arrive at a representative sample of the population. The Kish grid gives an algorithm for this random selection but often with an undersampling of males and overrepresentation of elderly people. This paper gives theoretical evidence explaining the representation problems and shows that the grid is not capable of providing representativeness by gender and age, but a modification of the Kish grid is suggested that is more appropriate for selecting a representative sample.

4The ongoing research report, “ESDS Qualidata ‘Whither Community Studies?’Conference Report”, was prepared by Louise Corti (ESDS Qualidata, University of Essex), one of the organizers of this conference and the head of the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) Qualidata service. The conference was in honour of Colin Bell and brought together several of his former colleagues and students, and covered past, present and future topics of community studies.

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