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1In this issue of the BMS, there are three research articles. The "Centre" section includes the Spring 2004 newsletter of RC33, the "Logic and Methodology" research committee of the International Sociological Association, which is organizing its Sixth International Congress this August in Amsterdam. This issue also includes -- in the "Journal" section -- a summary version of the tables of contents of the BMS -- issues 41 to 80 -- for which there was not enough space in the BMS n. 81.

2The first research article, "Method and Strategy of Analysis of Open Questions of the French Electoral Panel", by M. Brugidou (EDF-CIDSP), N. Mandran (CIDSP), M. Moine (CIDSP) and A.-C. Salomon (CIDSP), analyzes the results of a three-wave 2002 election panel survey which involved the use of open questions. The Alceste program was used to analyze this material and the authors show how to combine the results with those from closed questions.

3The second research article, "Online or Not Online? A Comparison of Offline and Online Surveys Conducted in the Context of the 2002 German Federal Election", by Thorsten Faas (Universit„t Duisburg-Essen), compares the results from an electoral survey done on three different samples: one a representative samples of the German population, a second sample representative of German Internet users, and a third based on a Web-posted freely-accessible questionnaire. The author compares the results and shows that they remain different even after weighting for age, sex and education.

4The third research article, "A Method for Treating Filmed Sociological Data", by Odile Rissoan (Universit‚ Lyon II), presents a method for coding filmed images and shows how these data can be combined with open interviews and closed questionnaires when studying the same population.

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