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1This issue of the BMS includes two research articles and two ongoing research notes. The first research article, “Characteristics of Personality and Identity in Population Surveys: Approaches for operationalizing and localizing variables to explain life satisfaction”,by Max Haller and Bernadette Müller, shows that it is possible to grasp personality characteristics with relatively simple sociological survey instruments, and that characteristics of personality and identity can explain a considerable amount of the variance in life satisfaction surveys.

2The second research article is “Reticulated Approach to Temporal Dynamics in Biographic Narratives”, by Carlos Lozares and Joan Miquel Verd, which analyzes biographic narratives in a social network perspective to capture the episodic memory present in narratives by employing the notions of environment/episode and of narrative passage.

3The first ongoing research note is “Political Protest and Power Distance: Towards a Typology of Political Participation”, by Erik H. Cohen and José Valencia, which analyzis World Values Survey political protest data to create a typology of non-institutional political participation. These results are compared with another analysis providing a typology of nations in relation to Hofstede's concept of power distance.

4The second ongoing research note is “CARME-N – Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods Network - CARME 2007”, by Jörg Blasius, Michael Greenacre, Patrick Groenen, and Michel van de Velden, which presents the history of the five Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods (CAREM) conferences and the creations of the CARME-N network.

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