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1This issue of the BMS includes three research articles and the Autumn 2007 Newsletter of RC33, the Research Committee “Logic and Methodology” of the International Sociological Association (ISA). The first research article, “Questionnaire Pretesting Methods: Do Different Techniques and Different Organizations Produce Similar Results?”, by Jennifer Rothgeb, Gordon Willis and Barbara Forsyth, concerns the effectiveness of cognitive interviews in ameliorating questionnaire problems. Three pretesting methods (informal expert review, a formal cognitive appraisal system, and cognitive interviewing) were applied across three survey research organizations (The Census Bureau, Westat, Inc., and Research Triangle Institute) to predict problems and compare the results.

2The second research article, “Construction of a Sports Ludogram as a Form of Duel”, by Stéphane Méry, studies the gestures and the different modes of emotional manifestation of a player during matches such as in tennis, table tennis, field tennis, badminton and volleyball. In doing so, the author constructs a methodological tool of data collection called the ludogram and compares it with traditional methods of sport data collection.

3The third research article, “Comparison and Influence of Two Data Collection Methods on the Results of a Quantitative Survey”, by Gérard Creux, analyzes and compares two sets of data obtained from the same survey questionnaire by two different methods. The author used the Internet as a data collection tool along with the more classical method of sending out a questionnaire by mail. Based on a comparative analysis, he examines the cumulative consequences of the mail questionnaire and the Internet questionnaire data and their implications for the research topic.

4The Autumn 2007 Newsletter of RC33 presents information of recent RC33 activities and particularly on preparations for the next inter-ISA World Congress conference that RC33 is organizing in 2008 in Naples, Italy.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique, 96 | 2007, 3.

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