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1This issue of the BMS includes two research articles (one in English and one in French), and two research reports (in French). In “Interviewer and Respondent Survey Quality Effects in a CATI Panel”, Oliver Lipps examines the CATI Swiss Household Panel cross-sectionally and longitudinally for three interview survey quality indicators and considers interviewer fixed effects. The longitudinal analysis looks into respondent learning effects. To separate interviewer, respondent and wave effects, he then examines cross-classified multilevel models.

2In the second research article, “Generalized Linear Mixed Models Encompass a Variety of Modern Longitudinal Analytic Approaches Based on Individual Developmental Trajectories”, Véronique Dupéré, Éric Lacourse, Frank Vitaro and Richard E. Tremblay show that these models overcome many important problems inherent to other traditional analysis of longitudinal data. They all rely on two basic levels and other characteristics distinguish different sorts of mixed models, such as their assumptions concerning the distribution of the trajectories within the population. The basic linear mixed model and the nonparametric mixture model are presented following a general description of the notion of individual developmental trajectories.

3In the first research report, “Succinct Report on the Analysis of the AISLF Congress (Tour 2004)”, Christian Roy uses the reports from the most recent meeting of the Association Internationale des Sociologues de Langue Française (AISLF) in July 2004 and the ALCESTE software to extract a maximum of “terminal” lexical classes and examine the possible origins of these successive partitions.

4In the second research report, “Sensitivity of Chaos to External Conditions”, Jean-François Gazeau uses the example provided by Guy Tchibozo in the BMS (n. 74, 2002) and simulation methods to study the results of various initial conditions for the model, showing that the results can be chaotic or stable depending to specific parameters.

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