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1This issue of the BMS includes two research articles and two research notes, along with the Spring 2007 issue of the Newsletter of RC33, the Logic and Methodology Research Committee of the International Sociological Association (ISA).

2The first research article is "Another Way for Constructing Social Milieus? Why and How?", by Monique Dalud-Vincent, Odile Rissoan and Rachel Gasparini, which constructs social milieus (and sub-milieus) based on the French PCS social-professional categories and professions of a child’s six parents and grandparents, and the particular homogeneity/heterogeneity of the groups created.

3The second research article is "'Memory Defficiencies' in Victimazation Surveys", by Jean-Paul Grémy, which examines three forms of chronological displacement (telescoping) in responses to retrospective victimization surveys and reveals the possible influence of the seasonal variation of delinquency on the survey responses.

4The first research note, "All Things Otherwise Equal, Comparing Two Congresses of the French Sociological Association", by Didier Torny and Patrick Trabal, analyzes the corpus of the 1,190 summaries of the 2006 French Sociological Association congress from a comparative point of view, questioning the permanence of the summaries’ authors, uses Prospéro software to identify lexical and semantic variations, and continue the study certain objects whose heuristic value have been shown in preceding analyses.

5The second research note, "One Green, That’s OK. Ten Greens, Hello the Debate!", is by Pascal Marchand. The title is a play on words associated with a French anti-alcohol slogan: "Un verre, ça va. Trois verres, bonjour les dégats"! (One glass [of wine], that’s OK. Three glasses, hello the damage!). The note is a textometric analysis of the corpus of the political declarations favorable to the Pacte écologique of Nicolas Hulot by ten of French 2007 presidential candidates.

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