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1This issue of the BMS includes two research articles and two ongoing research reports. In the first research article, “What Temporalities Are At Work in Retrospective Biographical Interviews?”, Didier Demazière shows that the temporality of biographical accounts cannot be disassociated from the narrative process. By examing youths’ accounts of entering the labor market, he schematizes four temporal forms called destiny or vocation, repetition or fatality, opportunities or projects, rupture or morning. By showing how narrative production necessarily implies the construction of a temporal form, the author calls for a plurality of sociological categorizations of biographical time adapted to the characteristics of the empirical material analyzed.

2A similar plurality of sociological categorizations adapted to the characteristics of the empirical material analyzed is also the subject of the second research article, “Conceptualization in Sociology – Paradigmatic Influences and Methodological Implications”, by Bastien Soulé and Jean Corneloup. The article examines the act of definition in sociology through an in-depth analysis of the notion of “a sport with risks”. A plurality of conceptualizations is identified: the critical, structural, subjectivist, culturalists and systemic approaches. The methodological consequences of these notional choices are presented along with the two positions which can be adopted: renouncing the use of a generic definition of risk in sports; or recognizing that specific object constructions of “a sport with risks” are made in each research problematic.

3In the first ongoing research article, “Preliminary Co-Word Analysis of the 2006 Congress of the Association Française de Sociologie”, by Karl M. van Meter and Mathilde de Saint Léger carry out an analysis of the abstracts of all the presentations made at the second congress of the AFS in Bordeaux in September 2006. The results are compared with a similar analysis of the 2004 AFS congress, revealing a stable structure for both congresses and a complex interplay between the key words Women and Work.

4In the second ongoing research article, “Researching Informal Education: A Preliminary Mapping”, Erik Cohen applies factorial correspondence analysis and smallest space analysis to a data set of scientific literature on informal education, providing a preliminary mapping of the field.

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