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1This issue of the BMS includes one research article (in French), three on-going research reports (two in English and one in French), and the Spring 2006 Newsletter of RC33, the “Logic and Methodology” research committee of the International Sociological Association (ISA).

2The research article, “Introduction to Optimal Matching Analysis”, by Laurent Lesnard and Thibaut de Saint Pol, introduces this statistical technique for describing sequences which was borrowed from biology. Since it is not based on any causal assumptions, it is particularly well-adapted for sociologists who retemporalize action by analyzing it as a process. Two applications of Optimal Matching to time-use data are proposed to demonstrate its flexibility and also its sociological interest.

3The first on-going research report, “Quality Issues in Interview Surveys – Some Contributions”, by Lille Japec, was previously presented in succincit form in the BMS thematic issue on interviewers/data quality (n. 89, January 2006, pp. 65-68). Here, we publish the entire introduction to her thesis/book with the same title. It describes some general themes, how these are usually handled, and suggests some new approaches and ideas for further work, both when it comes to gaining cooperation and when it comes to doing a good job in administering the question-answer process.

4The second on-going research report, “Report on the International Symposium: Secondary Analysis in Qualitative Research. Utopia and Perspective?”, by Magdalini Dargentas, Mathieu Brugidou, Dominique Le-Roux and Annie-Claude Salomon, discusses the state of the art in qualitative research with interviews, Anglo-Saxon and French practices of secondary analysis, ethical, legal and methodological questions regarding archiving and secondary analysis of interviews.

5The third on-going research report, “Pricing Environmental Amenities: An Assessment of the Contingent Valuation Method”, by Patricia A. Gwartney and Anthony V. Silvaggio, presents this survey method developed by economists to estimate prices for environmental assets. Here, they present the CV method with references in the scieitific literature describing its development and evolution.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique, 90 | 2006, 3.

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