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1This issue of the BMS includes two research articles and one Ongoing Research report, plus the Fall 2005 issue of the Newsletter of RC33, the Research Committee "Logic and Methodology" of the International Sociological Association.

2The first research article, "Turning Texts into Variables, Myth or Reality", by Gaël de Peretti, focuses on two controversies: the interest of using open questions; the use of techniques for transforming corpora of texts (normalization and lemmatization). The pertinence of open questions is established, but turning texts into variables remains a delicate task in textual analysis and requires reflexive considerations, particularly necessary in the interpretation of results.

3The second research article, "Plea for Adapting and Embedding Survey Methods in the Field, Example of Research on Changes in Local Public Services", by Virginie Waechter-Larrondo, shows, on the basis of a case study, the advantages of adapting and embedding survey methods in the field. They permit: the researcher to translate his or her subject and objectives into terms compatible with the type of intended intelligibility; access to field work that can prove to be fruitful for both the research and the actors; the construction of a research format adapted to the actors' experience and the translation of the researcher's abstract questioning into terms compatible with this experience.

4The Ongoing Research report, "Studying Survey Interviewers: A Call for Research and an Overview", by Karl M. van Meter, provides an overview of research on the subject. While requesting contributions from colleagues in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States, it shares preliminary results from a detailed French study which made a statistical analysis of interviewer performance and followed up with direct face-to-face interviews with interviewers which provide a surprising description of the survey business milieu.

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