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1This issue of the BMS includes four articles, two of which are “ongoing research” articles. The first research article is “Self-Organising Maps Used for Classification, Illustration with Several Examples”, by P. Rousset, C. Guinot and J. Vero. Based on hierarchically ascending classifications with mobil centers, this method produces original graphic results which are surprisingly explanatory for complex data with a complicated structure. The diversified examples include human skin, daily national electricity use in Poland, and training courses and professional careers.

2The second research article is “Being, Having and Doing Modes of Existence: Confirmation and Reduction of a New Scale Based on a Study among Israeli Female Teachers, Student-Teachers and Counselors”, by Erik H. Cohen, Rachel Sagee and Rivka Reichenberg. Based on the theories of Fromm and Rand, a scale by Reichenberg is reworked with smallest space analysis and facet theory to furnish an equivalent but reduced scale.

3The first “ongoing research” article is by Salvador Juan and entitled “‘Socio-Anthrophology’: Field, Paradigm or Discipline? Particular Views on Prolonged or Observational Interviews ». It shows that there is a decreasing distance between in-depth interviewing and verbalised observation, and perhaps the creation of a new field of study in human sciences.

4The second “ongoing research” article is by Pascal Marchand and entitled “Dominique de Villepin’s Maiden Speech”. It compares, on the basis of a factorial correspondence analysis, the 26 previous maiden parliamentary speeches of French prime ministers. The results provide a chronological suite and comparison since 1974.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique, 87 | 2005, 3.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique [En ligne], 87 | 2005, mis en ligne le 25 mars 2008, consulté le 11 décembre 2017. URL :

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