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1Along with the Newsletter of RC33 (the Research Committee "Logic and Methodology" of the International Sociological Association), this issue of the BMS includes three research articles and an ongoing research report. In the first article, "Missing Subscribers, The Red List and Mobile Telephones in General Population Surveys Concerning Drugs", by Fran‡ois Beck, St‚phane Legleye and Patrick Peretti-Watel, attitudes towards drugs are investigated by Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) of land-line telephone owners, land-line telephone owners with unlisted numbers, and only mobile telephone users.

2In the second article, "Making and Unmaking Groups, Numerical Information on 'Difficult-Access Populations'", Marie-Ange Schiltz describes the divergent points of view between statistics and sociology on how to approach these groups and shows the extreme variability of methodological choices in this domain.

3In the third article, "Who Makes Sociology's Data? Problems Posed by Secondary Analysis of National Sport Club Membership Files", Claude LafabrŠgue examines the actual process by which national sport club membership data is constructed and what this means for longitudinal research concerning careers in sports.

4The ongoing research report, "Report on the Third International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation", by Janet Harkness, presents methodological issues in cross-national and cross-cultural surveys, attempts at fostering cooperation on projects aimed at improving comparative research and ways to disseminate knowledge and promote best and good practices.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique, 86 | 2005, 3.

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« Editorial », Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique [En ligne], 86 | 2005, mis en ligne le 28 mars 2008, consulté le 11 décembre 2017. URL :

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