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71 | 2012
Colombia, tierra de pelea: le(s) conflit(s) au cœur de la société

volume 2012/3
Couverture Cal 71 – Colombia, tierra de pelea: le(s) conflit(s) au cœur de la société
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214 pages - EAN 3303332400713

Colombia, tierra de peleas : The conflict(s) in the depths of the society

The purpose of this special issue is to approach Colombia exceeding problematics directly connected to armed conflict. We don’t want to analyze the conflict only through these immediately perceptible aspects (armed actors, facts of violence, etc.). We want to consider the conflicts crossing the Colombian society that are both factors and symptoms of a war’s state persistence in the country. More than twenty years after a new constitution was adopted and with it the reshaping of politic contract, what are the reasons of the failure of an unabridged peace despite of a constitutional context which encourage it? Number of social and human rights are now protected but many deep situations of social injustice and impunity persist in the Colombian society restricting the sphere of activity for Colombian democracy.

This special issue is based on concrete case’s studies in order to answer this question. Four areas organize it: the structure between constitutional rights and transformation of the social; public policies and their practice in the post-constitutional context; the stakes around the exploitation of country’s natural resources, material or immaterial; the armed conflict, state of affairs and perspectives.

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