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72-73 | 2013
Sciences participatives et restitution

volume 2013/1-2
Couverture CAL 72-73 Sciences participatives et restitution
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247 pages - EAN 330332400720

We call "participative sciences" the scientific programs which aim is to answer directly or indirectly demands of the civil society, and which associate the diverse stakeholders in the construction of an object, in its exploration, and in the decisions which can derive from it.
The object of this special issue is to present, from a methodological point of view, a range of participative researches diverging in their modalities and their purposes. We shall first distinguish those which primary objective is to increase scientific knowledge (Couvet and Teyssèdre; Legrand; and Kohler et al.); then those who answer local demands (risk management, Hardy; implementation of horticultural commercial networks, Correia et al); finally, an outside look put on the dynamics of participation in a micro-local scale, considering their impact on the organization of a micro-society (Stoll and Folhes).
This issue aims to be an ample presentation of participative approaches. The field favored by participative research is situated in the interface of nature and society. It wishes to respond to the necessity of considering the environment at a global level, a demand that comes to locally stumble over social and economic dynamics which need to be negotiated. The intervention of scientific teams appears then as revelation of a current situation and as mediator between environment and society.

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