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Dossier. Modes de gouvernement en HaÏti après le séisme de 2010

Priorities, Alignment & Leadership: Improving United States’ Aid Effectiveness in Haiti

Priorities, alignment and leadership: Improving United States’ Aid Effectiveness in Haiti
Prioridades, alineamiento y liderazgo: Mejorar la efectividad de la ayuda estadounidense en Haití
Robert Maguire
p. 59-78


Cet article analyse la politique d’aide des États-Unis envers Haïti, dans la période de l’après-séisme. Haïti était un pays prioritaire pendant le premier mandat de la présidence de Barack Obama. Une première évaluation avait identifié plusieurs déficiences des politiques d’aide envers Haïti et l’administrateur de l’USAID avait recommandé une nouvelle approche. Lors du changement de gouvernement de Préval à Martelly, plusieurs projets de coopération sont à nouveau évalués. L’une des questions centrales est dans quelle mesure l’État haïtien est-il capable de prendre en charge ces projets ou doit-on continuer à les sous-traiter aux ONG ? L’article s’intéresse particulièrement à la façon dont le gouvernement Martelly traite cette question.

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1Before Haiti’s January 2010 earthquake, when the country’s current president, Michel Martelly was still a popular entertainer known as Sweet Micky, the administration of United States President Barack Obama initiated a series of steps aimed at reforming the way U.S. official development assistance would be envisaged and enacted globally, with a view in mind of improving effectiveness in recipient countries. Haiti quickly emerged in the forefront of the administration’s analysis and strategy for reform.

2Not only did the earthquake lend urgency – and increased resources – to the enactment in Haiti of the Obama administration’s envisaged amelioration of development assistance, it also turned Haiti’s political landscape upside down when the already weak, but now also decimated government of President René Préval stumbled in the earthquake’s aftermath and the efflorescent Martelly proclaimed himself a candidate for Haiti’s late 2010 presidential elections, ran an effective campaign, received an assist from the international community, and ultimately ascended to the presidency following his victory in an early 2011 run-off election.

3Tenets of the Obama administration’s global aid reform agenda include the idea that national governments should be the lead actors in their nations’ development, with U.S. assistance more effectively aligned with their development goals and in greater support of needs and priorities they have identified. Another element is recognition that U.S. support should reinforce the capacities of governments to oversee program implementation and sustainability. As suggested in the U.S. government’s 2011 post-earthquake strategic framework, these ideas for improving aid effectiveness would apply to Haiti.

4This essay traces the evolution of the Obama administration’s aid reform agenda in Haiti.

Initial Steps

  • 1 In 1992, Clinton inherited the crisis emanating from a military coup d’État in Haiti in September 1 (...)

5Within three months of Barack Obama’s January 2009 presidential inauguration Haiti emerged as a forerunner of the administration’s wider interest in improving the way U.S. development assistance is delivered worldwide when the President requested the Department of State to lead an inter-agency review of U.S. bilateral aid to Haiti. This mandate was embraced by Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, whose engagement with the Caribbean country had begun in 1975 when she and her husband, Bill, visited Haiti as newlyweds. The Clinton connection continued when Mr. Clinton became president and Haiti was a major foreign policy concern throughout his 1992-2000 term in office1.

  • 2 In early 2008, Haiti experienced unrest caused by increased food and fuel prices, and in August/Sep (...)

6Mrs. Clinton’s Haiti connection was reinforced when she played a key role at an April 2009 International Donors’ Conference on Haiti in Washington, convened under the auspices of the Inter-American Development Bank. The conference sought to mobilize resources in support of Haiti’s need to bounce back from the economic and environmental crises in 2008 that threatened both the well-being of the country and the stability of the government of President René Préval, elected to office in early 2006 2. At the conference, Bill Clinton was introduced as the United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who, in late 2008, had invited economist Paul Collier to visit Haiti and draft a report on the country’s path toward economic security [Perito, 2009]. Collier’s report, which focused heavily on apparel manufacture, became an influential component for guiding heightened international attention toward Haiti in 2009 [Collier, 2008]. After the April donors’ conference Secretary of State Clinton designated her Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, to lead U.S. government’s the inter-agency review of Haiti aid policies and programs.

  • 3 Figures come from as sourced from: (...)

7The review was put on a fast track. The administration’s objective was to identify root causes of the less-than-desired results in sustained poverty alleviation and economic growth in its Caribbean neighbour despite the allocation over the previous 29 years of roughly $ 3.5 billion in U.S. foreign aid dollars 3. Once weaknesses were identified, U.S. officials were to come up with strategies to correct them. Findings reinforced the supposition that enormous sums had been channelled to Haiti with no appreciable social and economic impact. Mills’ staff identified three important explanations for this deficient track record.

  • 4 Comments of a U.S. Department of State official at a meeting on Haiti at the United States Institut (...)

8First, U.S. assistance, as executed through an array of international and U.S.-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and for-profit contractors (FPCs), suffered from a limited holistic strategy, focus and coordination. Specifically, when the Obama administration took office, U.S. bilateral aid in Haiti had been “committed to more than 30 multi-million dollar contracts that largely operate in isolation of each other and other donor programs” [U.S. Department of State, 2009]. One of Mills’ aides succinctly summed up the extant U.S. strategy as “a mile wide, an inch deep, and sprinkled with pixie dust”4.

  • 5 The Cité Soleil initiative was funded through the U.S. Department of Defense 1207 Program. For more (...)

9The second explanation for poor results was that success and sustainability were hindered by the apparent incongruity between U.S. plans that emphasized humanitarian relief and short-term stability operations, and the Préval government’s longer-term economic development strategies that emphasized poverty alleviation and economic growth [Government of Haiti, 2007]. U.S. supported short term stability operations encompassed a variety of costly “quick impact projects” in urban areas aimed at short-term job creation principally through infrastructure improvement in order to stabilize an environment fraught with gang violence fuelled by drugs and politics. A particular target of these operations was the country’s largest shantytown, Cité Soleil, where a $ 20 million stabilization initiative was undertaken5. These investments, however, did little to address root causes of poverty or to induce sustained employment or economic growth.

  • 6 For example, in October 2008 at the ceremonial signing of a $ 22 million USAID-funded NGO-implement (...)

10A third contributing factor of deficient performance was the fact that the U.S. government relied heavily on international FPCs and NGOs – mostly with headquarters inside Washington D.C.’s Beltway – to execute its foreign assistance program. Typically, projects for Haiti were devised by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which then sought contractors to implement them. Engagement in the preparation and execution of these projects by representatives of the Haitian state was minimal at best, and few, if any, financial resources were budgeted toward building the implementation and administrative capacity of the Government of Haiti (GOH) 6. A typical outcome of this approach, the reviewers found, was contract-after-contract to the same non-Haitian NGOs and FPCs, sustaining their presence in Haiti – often for decades, but doing little to promote sustained progress in addressing social and economic obstacles to development. This approach, State Department officials overseeing the review pointed out, had resulted in programs “not designed to be transitioned to the GOH and… therefore not sustainable” [Department of State, 2009].

11Addressing these weaknesses became the focus of a re-worked U.S. aid strategy in Haiti that was scheduled for release in mid-January, 2010, around the first anniversary of President Obama’s inauguration. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed much of Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas on January 12th, however, quashed those plans, sending Mills and colleagues back to the drawing board to re-work their ideas in a suddenly altered context. Addressing the aforementioned three fundamental explanations for prior poor performance, however, would remain key objectives of the post-earthquake strategy.

Post-Earthquake Strategies in a Global Reform Context

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Priolang="en">First, U.S. assistance,gov s1.ynot-USGal Reformcership: Im> /cal_160x75.png" ce 75.g-1-smef=580l="altext" ic/cal_160x75.png" ce 75.g-1-smef=480l="altslt="e,gov s1.ynot-USGal Reformcership: Imutton" laes"> IcNavigatioext" ho in anspan clasic/cal_160x75.png" ce 75.g-1-smef=580l="al>A su tioext" ho in anspan clasic/cal_160x75.png" ce 75.g-1l="al>Origieaed(="aed 5k)
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3In January 2011, a neT for poor aContr,Sving Project Ma N/se W(FTFN),rf lw o$ 88d NGO-imp,ofoverys r graMaryleme designal Dono13enthich then soAlnt (USAv coup d’Étatving Project Ma " lang="en"> in Haiti in Septemberaken

  • 1 For example, in OctobSub-fnt them. En Thebldioial aCs, sustaies mitteansand for-profi,ainatio earning,ately asceal orga1">(...)
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3First, U.S. assistancn corevious 29 fe$ 88d NGO-impenthAIcsource.S. gorevious 29 fe$ d26d NGO-implingCh$ 22cs ment (USAID) nmo [Ditforeigi.e sarnacte, Hihaholaain offf aid pd enacan develo wrtoepbiprfrecks appbiprfnt them. Eno theef=pinte would be gr. goeon that eH and… ) wded and pmplemenvioubeoesical La/ojects, owded5 birefneed to iewerfserts had bees enfosources itsbfnt them. nt in H coup d’Étatyearsime " lang="en"> in Haiti in September(leviatisi ddex)rnmeefas the fvioube the lead a, ncrint ancintlobstaetan>,

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