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Dossier : Le rapport au monde de l'Italie de la première guerre mondiale à nos jours

Relations between the United States of America and Italy in the post-Cold War period: a defense-industrial perspective

Alessandro Marrone et Alessandro R. Ungaro
p. 157-181


Cet article présente une analyse des relations entre les États-Unis d’Amérique et l’Italie depuis 1989 vues sous l’angle de l’industrie de la défense. La concentration et le développement international de l’industrie italienne de la défense, avec en particulier la création de Finmeccanica, a fait évoluer la relation bilatérale en introduisant un élément nouveau dans la coopération industrielle entre les États-Unis d’Amérique et l’Italie. Les programmes de fournitures militaires auxquels participent les gouvernements et industriels américains et italiens se basent sur plusieurs accords-cadres et sont devenus un élément important des relations transatlantiques. Cet élément est également influencé par les relations bilatérales militaires et politiques. Il s’agit de relations intenses marquées par la participation de l’Italie à des opérations de gestion de crise en Europe, Asie centrale ainsi que dans la région méditerranéenne. En conclusion, l’article montre comment s’articule une relation à double sens dans laquelle la dimension de coopération dans l’industrie de la défense et celle politico-militaire se correspondent.

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1This paper focuses on the relations between the United States of America and Italy in the post-Cold War period from the perspective of defense procurement and industrial cooperation in relation to the strong military and political relationship between the two countries. It will consider how the concentration and internationalization of the Italian defense industry –epitomized by the build-up of Finmeccanica as a global player in the defense market– is related to U.S.-Italian relations in defense. Procurement programs involving American and Italian governments will be analysed, with a particular focus on the F-35 aircraft, together with the penetration of U.S. markets by Italian defense companies such as AgustaWestland and Fincantieri. This cooperation relied on an important Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the United States and Italy already in 1978, which established the necessary political and security frameworks for procurement programs and cooperation activities.

  • 1  The concept of enlarged Mediterranean (Mediterraneo allargato) is used in several official documen (...)

2Such a defense-industrial perspective should not be isolated from broader military and political relations between the United States and Italy, which have been particularly important in terms of Italy’s contribution to U.S.-led military operations in Europe, Central Asia and the enlarged Mediterranean.1 Indeed, the final part of the paper argues that there is a two-way relationship between defense-industrial and politico-military cooperation.

The concentration and internationalization of the Italian defense industry

  • 2  Alessandro Marrone et al., Defense budgets and industry: tables and graphs, IAI, July 2013, p. 22, (...)

3Since the end of the Cold War, the Italian defense industry has experienced two complementary phases: concentration and internationalization. The latter can be further divided into two specific moments: the European phase of internationalization and the transatlantic one. A detailed analysis of the entire process through which the Italian defense industrial base developed and expanded lies beyond the scope of this paper. The focus will rather be on the fundamental steps related to the concentration and internationalization of the Italian defense industry, and in particular of Finmeccanica as the eighth-largest company in aerospace, defense and security.2

  • 3  Michele Nones, “La nuova dimensione industriale dell’Italia”, AffarInternazionali, April 2006. htt (...)

4In the early 1990s, the Italian defense industry was very fragmented in a constellation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) without the presence of a big national defense company able to compete on the international market. It suffered from duplication and experienced an over-reliance on the domestic market as well as on multinational defense programs based on the principle of juste retour.3 The majority of business activities were civilian-oriented and almost all companies had deep roots in the domestic market with a limited international business perspective.

  • 4  EFIM (Ente Partecipazioni e Finanziamento Industrie Manifatturiere) was created in 1962 as Ente Au (...)
  • 5  IRI (Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale) was established in 1933 by the Fascist regime to r (...)
  • 6  Società Telefonica Finanziaria Spa.

5Entering the market of other Western countries was rather difficult, as the two major industrial players –EFIM4 and IRI5– were until the early 1990s totally owned and controlled by the State, establishing a direct fil rouge between companies’ industrial strategies and Italy’s defense and foreign policy. Both EFIM and IRI were state-owned conglomerates holding the majority of Italian aerospace and defense companies. For instance, EFIM owned, among others, the helicopter manufacturer Agusta, the defense company Oto Melara and the electronic enterprise Officine Galileo. The IRI subsidiary STET6 held enterprises with specializations in security and defense electronics such as Selenia, Elsag and SGS Thomson. At that time, Finmeccanica was an IRI subsidiary holding three main companies: Aeritalia, Alfa Romeo (later acquired by Fiat) and Ansaldo.

  • 7  Vera Zamagni, Finmeccanica. Competenze che vengono da lontano, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2009, p. 385.
  • 8  Ibid., p. 89.

6Such a fragmented industrial landscape gradually changed in ten years, as the concentration phase started in 1992. The process was not easy, due to strong political and industrial interests in maintain9 be vl qutano.6Dodoubly énd lies betweof Finmeccanic, ath EFse companieId in particuime, Finmeccanies haa direal interests benty-he eiion of tabitho100ath EFse companieA, amon, th,rer AgustSiaidro ze ttagnny Oto Mel,ise Officine Galiem>quiaOtonmeccani>qu Faannic, aSmaIRI weer acquired by>Finmeccanic1">The compan, n of untook ofprivernalizatihe proceed in 3aly,le etica wtabtbased on tMil niStock Exly chaem>.2

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7Trernatiohavelisd of thd spsectivteptedward, as trernationalization of the Italian defense indusica wle Pa created babtalo babtalagnchief exn sjective Oflat(CEO)lar of Finmeccanits inofensrufficien yeieId Seicoanumrly 3 babtalaand lpora and t="sated m vl989 from a fragmenty, andee Offremeal busine Borones witn severuncooegarcreatll companied a m r the igramenty, aee Offremear industrigil pany able to compete he Europeon and internatio.S. markem>.22

  • 6 Founcolfendo,lfabunto la ciutagni, , 7Ini’s c="t,uge tar of tealmoly importaof businery operatiocarrreliethoed by>Finmeccanuch hase rege and the UnitKeinhe try,vdurind two-wks foe penetration in the Uthe defense marieId 2004ime, Finmeccanier acquirnd thy bes/a> heed by thKihe compaGKNtar of tJV as AgustaWestl,was establishy,le Albunto Linniws, as tCEOlar of Finmeccaneri. through thd spseusioe, Finmeccanibnotme soleEowsirtar of the helicopthe comp,wansendurin> ocHitrongsierateed onelar of tealmodynamcif industrian torkecr">Dourind ts defense are civil.S. markec1">T0s toed, uonent o: t cooperatie) was imamenty cete xp $1.5 bs weusioone- inihent o: twholeEIn to seent o: tar industrigil pem>.a>a>

  • 7  Vera Zamagni, Finmeccan"> , 8 FouncolGuer aaghe agn“Gdomer thl furnio…liaart. Faj n13, p6Spa.

1aunuplicatnces aas Sx Sabtbmi Ie igrami. M r o seston in t,vdperatifi> hime, Finmeccaniel aBAE Syal grach established tJV as Sx Se cgrs Airborra Syal graet withhy bes/er dseation 75 :uppponeal a25 :upppon,theierspectlrity.1 of othKeywo,and the UnitKeinhe ibnotme t"enin beyo“he domestic marliaton of Finmeccanicet wim r tthali9,000 e cooyeraeral ae, Finmeccanibnotme t"enin beyowo majsu="appaperr by thKiMoD. Aionsfirmolled Guer aaghe agnn, thted td spsectiof businesshieveernmenrehe prementy privilehangly cneleed orroaded be furthly e vl of Finmeccanalyngsierateed in the Uthe defense marity.2

Defense procurement and industrial cooperation between the United States and Italy

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The aerial triad and the A400M


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