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POPART Preservation of Plastic ARTefacts in museum collections

Paris, 7-9 March 2012


Since their rapid development during the first half of the 20th century, plastics have infiltrated every aspect of modern daily life. Unfortunately, many plastics have a short lifetime and degrade via irreversible chemical reactions that result in dramatic changes in appearance and significance to museum artefacts. This symposium aims to present knowledge gained from the European commission funded project POPART over 4 years ( The symposium will address the fields of identification, assessment of degradation and care of plastics artefacts. A poster session will be organised where new research, conservation treatments or case studies can be presented by symposium participants.


The programme consists of plenary lectures during the mornings (9 am -1 pm) and workshops or visits in the afternoons.

March 7th

Morning: Which plastics are in the collection?

(History, collection assessment and issues)

Afternoon: Workshop on Cleaning (fully booked), portable tools for identification of polymers (fully booked), surveying collections

March 8th

Morning: What is the condition of the collection?

(Damage assessment for plastic artefacts)

Afternoon: Workshop on Cleaning, polymer identification, surveying collections, polymer analysis (Py GC-MS)

March 9th

Morning: What are the conservation challenges ?

(Active conservation of plastic artefacts: cleaning, consolidation)

Afternoon: visits

Conference fees:

200 € (150 € for students) including a conference book

Workshops fees: 50 €


Auditorium Colbert, 2 rue de Vivienne, 75001 Paris, France


For more information, contact Alban Fournier.

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