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Degradation, Conservation, and Restoration of Works of Art: Historical Overview

Roger Marijnissen


This extract presents the preliminary reflections to the book  Degradation, preservation, restoration of the work of art, Brussels, Arcades, 1967.

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Editor's notes

Ce texte est initialement paru dans Historical and Philosophical Issues in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, edited by Nicholas Stanley Price, 
M. Kirby Talley Jr. and
Alessandra Melucco Vaccaro, Readings in Conservation Series, Getty Conservation Institute,
1996, 275-280. Il est reproduit dans la traduction originale de Garrett White, avec l'aimable autorisation du Getty Conservation Center. Nous les en remercions.

Full text

The Need for a History of Restoration

  • 1  M. STÜBEL, "Gemälderesraurationen im 18. Jahrhundert," Der Cicerone 18 (1926): 122-135; and "Gemäl (...)

1An overall history of the restoration of deteriorated works of art has yet to be written, The field, for that matter, has barely been explored. It was a full thirty years ago that Moritz Stübel argued that historical research into restoration would constitute a major contribution to all areas related to art in general1. He was addressing art historians in particular, since he was convinced that such research could be carried out only by them. He even suggested that a Corpus Restaurationum be published, but his appeal bore no fruit ....

2Existing literature deals with the concepts behind restoration and with formerly used techniques only occasionally, or else treats them as a side issue. Information on the subject is sometimes found in reports published on the occasion of a given treatment or, more frequently, as part of a polemic arising from the endless controversy surrounding the cleaning of paintings.

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  • 1  M. STÜB2L, "GemälGiovanni SECCO SUARDOonservMstotsonrdgi aaegrpifflaarisi #aetrent=" ofll'isi #nk rles publiooncepiassp but .)
  • 2
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num">1  M. STÜB5L, "GemälAloin RIEGatio8 (1aoronne Denkmalkm>, s," 1903;traduicdihed ationuesa melic Aufsätze but (Augsburg-ViSSna:..) 5 num">1  M. STÜB6L, "GemälORDERS OF PARLIAMENT, 1645,l f Ri 6

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Full textCe t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1essingälderesraurati&esDer Cicerone<&es 18 (1926): 122-135; and "Gemäl T Geschi te<&es 1My oumskcero2-135;9ton . 2-3nd "37mä51-60 Ce t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1Ce t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1 x conda lew/peonceprSeadi-Suardo #nk rPcof R. Man inchola (Milsi: U. boepli, 1961) Ce t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1 isheKtoratiieru> vechKuntrw18kth<&es 18a d'Ulan isbarchler Kuntr: Ep>e Enzykl/pe/hehler BiloeerochKüntrichola (Zubich:d'Ulan is-Varlsg, 1952mä708-34 Ce t ba p//wwwext/c <- ne:0.0in;wwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1, s,&esCe t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1Ce t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1 nierealns<&es 1WitnotDer Cbarcfür Kuntr2eschi tichola 6 (20mä27-42; HeinzLWENDORFonservASN"ktns udimt,isheASN"ktnkopie: Vorarbei thozukeOnotDDarsdilku> d">Texpntpunis thkt ..of xDBchola (Leipzig:d'kademie-Varlsg, 1953)xp55-61; derCAGIANO DE AZEVEDOon&es isheKtoratiieru> vechKuntrw18kth<&esCe t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1s misto PrderNEUSSERti&es nierealth<&esDrefinbooWorkbeny- rk>asists] Ce t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1DtoratrnboreadatRinaicarolethars hlpaingroffifffieto a cyehind rescfors al-p in loga s " /> c e w>n>< y Prhusstest se, r "ltr">Ce t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1Derclly, GUILLERMEonservL'itsli rion temps: Ecarieanitionltéd'artCe t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1DMusé avecBeaux-Art miGh at,serv Just avec lndf Berrugue partflaacossen'Urblp cholas Sxhibmes deca>asogue 20nd "57) Ce t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1apg>, Apo tlyps avec but .ut laa but .ut cathédre, av'Anmilsmi id gné sion tet pa but .ut vec but .ut l Apo tlyps avecSt.-Jelsioriginale de GarretvecLiv> i pa but .ut vec but .ut Sacychola (Pa is:tA>DMi el,i1942) Ce t ba p//wwwss="">Ce Fdyftn1"Symbol85">Top on1">1D] but .ut vec but .ut Eugène Delc roix2-135; nd "36-1938mä44 Top of page div id="text" class="sectioes&nbs

Full textEk  ronicnr| Marijnissen , «uthorsvation, and Restoration of Works of Art: Historical Overview


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