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Creating a Harmonious Society

Socioterritorial Fractures in China: The Unachievable “Harmonious Society”?

Guillaume Giroir


This article offers an inventory of the social and territorial fractures in Hu Jintao’s China. It shows the unarguable but ambiguous emergence of a middle class, the successes and failures in the battle against poverty and the spectacular enrichment of a wealthy few. It asks whether the Confucian ideal of a “harmonious society,” which the authorities have been promoting since the early 2000s, is compatible with a market economy. With an eye to the future, it outlines two possible scenarios on how socioterritorial fractures in China may evolve.

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Guillaume Giroir, « Socioterritorial Fractures in China: The Unachievable “Harmonious Society”? », China Perspectives [Online], 2007/3 | 2007, Online since 01 September 2010, connection on 18 January 2018. URL :

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Guillaume Giroir

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