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Special Feature: China and its Continental Borders

"Grieving for Tibet"

Conceiving the Modern State in Late-Qing Inner Asia
C. Patterson Giersch
p. 4-18


This article explores late Qing (1877-1911) state-building in Inner Asia (Xinjiang, Mongolia, and Tibet) in three ways. It demonstrates how efforts to replace hybrid, imperial institutions with Chinese-style administration were contingent and unpredictable processes. It compares elite-state relations, in Inner Asia and China proper, to explore the diverse impacts on Mongol, Tibetan, and Han elites. Finally, it surveys reform-era (1898-1911) media to reveal how Han elites conceived of Inner Asian territories and peoples in new ways and with enduring consequences.

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Bibliographical reference

C. Patterson Giersch, « "Grieving for Tibet" », China Perspectives, 2008/3 | 2008, 4-18.

Electronic reference

C. Patterson Giersch, « "Grieving for Tibet" », China Perspectives [Online], 2008/3 | 2008, Online since 01 July 2011, connection on 12 December 2017. URL :

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