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Taiwan: The Consolidation of a Democratic and Distinct Society

Taiwanese Historiography

Towards a “Scholarly Native History”
Damien Morier-Genoud


Historical studies of Taiwan have been moulded by schools of thought of diverse origins that support divergent and opposing readings of the island’s past. The 1990s and the 2000s have seen the emergence of a new scientific history of Taiwan, freed from the patterns of nationalist Chinese historiography. This article focuses on the conditions of elaboration and modalities of writing of this history. It examines in more detail the critical thought and recent work of two Taiwanese historians who seek to grasp, beyond the rigid divisions of political periodisation, certain dynamics of Taiwanese history and invite us to rethink the long-term transition of the island’s society towards the modern era.

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Electronic reference

Damien Morier-Genoud, « Taiwanese Historiography », China Perspectives [Online], 2010/3 | 2010, Online since 01 September 2013, connection on 12 December 2017. URL :

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