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The Pan Hannian Affair and Power Struggles at the Top of the CCP (1953-1955)

Xiaohong Xiao-Planes


ABSTRACT: Pan Hannian (1906-1977), Communist activist from 1925, former senior head of the CCP secret service and deputy mayor of Shanghai after the PRC’s founding, was arrested in 1955 for treachery and counter-revolutionary crimes. He was condemned, with his wife Dong Hui, to imprisonment and to laogai campsfor the rest of his life. His posthumous rehabilitation in 1982 transformed him into a legendary national hero. Illustrative of the political struggles in 1953-1955, the Pan Hannian affair seems to reveal the methods Mao Zedong used from time to time in managing the Party internally so as to maintain his dominant position in the leadership.

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Xiaohong Xiao-Planes, « The Pan Hannian Affair and Power Struggles at the Top of the CCP (1953-1955) », China Perspectives [Online], 2010/4 | 2010, Online since 01 December 2013, connection on 22 February 2018. URL :

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