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Fading Opportunities

Hong Kong in the context of regional integration
Tai-lok Lui
p. 35-42


There is a missing piece in the puzzle of social development in post-1997 Hong Kong: regional and national integration. For a long time it was envisaged that while Hong Kong would remain relatively secluded from the mainland, it could seize the opportunities, evidenced in the massive relocation of manufacturing plants to the Pearl River Delta since the mid-1980s, presented by China’s economic reform. However, before long, with the deepening of China’s market reform and its emergence as a new economic power, Hong Kong was caught unprepared for its integration into the motherland. Growing tensions between mainlanders and Hong Kong people have already received considerable media attention. But what has somehow escaped people’s attention is that the expected opening of new opportunities for Hong Kong people on the mainland has not fully materialised. In this paper, we shall look at Hong Kong’s current status in realising the expected opportunities to be created in the process of China’s economic development and Hong Kong’s further integration into the process of national development. Drawing upon official statistics on Hong Kong residents working in mainland China, it is suggested that, instead of seeing more Hong Kong residents finding the mainland to be a newly developed environment for career development, the trend has reversed.

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Bibliographical reference

Tai-lok Lui, « Fading Opportunities », China Perspectives, 2014/1 | 2014, 35-42.

Electronic reference

Tai-lok Lui, « Fading Opportunities », China Perspectives [Online], 2014/1 | 2014, Online since 01 January 2017, connection on 12 December 2017. URL :

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Tai-lok Lui

Tai-lok Lui is Professor at the Sociology Department of the University of Hong Kong.Sociology Department, The University of Hong Kong, Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong (

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