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  • 39 | 2014
    Gendered laws of war
    Cover – Clio no. 39 | 2014, “Gendered laws of war”

    1914-2014 : in this centenary year, Clio, Femmes, Genre, Histoire focuses on other conflicts. Since the late 20th century, the study of conflict has been revitalized by new approaches : on one hand, anthropological analysis of the phenomenon of war, with special attention to private life, on the other a new focus on what happens as a war comes to an end. Moreover the war in former Yugoslavia, and the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda have led to the setting up of internatio(...)

  • 38 | 2013
    Working Women, Working Men
    Cover – Clio no. 38 | 2013, “Working Women, Working Men”

    This issue of Clio aims to give visibility to the women and men who have become invisible during the de-industrialization of the West. By reintroducing the dimension of gender to a history of industrialization on a global scale, it draws attention not only to the double domination undergone by female workers, both as wage-earners and as women, but also to their practical actions in the « arts of resistance », as well as to mutations in the forms of working class masculinit(...)

  • 37 | 2013
    When Medicine Meets Gender
    Cover – Clio no. 37 | 2013, “When Medicine Meets Gender”

    How has medicine contributed to shape bodies, from Antiquity to the present day? Can it be said that illnesses such as cancer, have a gender? When English women were banished to mental asylums in the nineteenth century, how did they rebel? Are our ideas about hormones and the menopause gender-related? In this issue of Clio, we discover a new history of the practice and discourse of medicine.

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