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About the journal

New journal on Francophone literary manuscripts

The purpose of this electronic journal edited twice a year by the “manuscrits francophones” centre (“Francophone Manuscripts”) of Institut des textes et Manuscrits modernes de Paris (ITEM, UMR 8132 CNRS-ENS) is to publish academic works on literary manuscripts from countries of the so called “South” (Africa, Caribbean and their respective diasporas in the world are given priority, as well as Francophone and multilingual approach). The journal aims also to keep the readers updated on recent genetic criticism research in France and around the world.
Widely open to the international research, PhD candidates, “young researchers” as well as senior researchers, our journal welcomes papers in French and other languages, once they are approved in "double blind" evaluation by our committee of international experts.

Bi-annual dossiers and permanently updated headings

Based on new dossiers issued twice a year, focused on a particular question or theme and directed by senior scientific officer, the journal provides also a more flexible heading « Actualité culturelle et scientifique de l'équipe », welcoming papers at any time.


“Varia” – allows an acknowledgement of recent critical methodologies (stylistic, sociological, anthropological, etc.), considered in their diversity and complementarity, still emphasising on genetic approach.

“Paroles de créateurs” – welcomes testimonies the creators give themselves about the genesis of their works or about the genesis of their pairs' writings.

“Inédits” – is devoted to the dissemination of unpublished manuscripts, source texts and visual documents. New headings might be created.

Heading “Actualité scientifique et culturelle” of the journal proposes a permanent update on scientific, artistic and cultural events related to Francophone manuscripts. It is completed by two another sections providing news about PhD thesis defence and books recently appeared.

In the heading “Répertoire des fonds d’archives africains et caribéens” we are trying to provide some information about African and Caribbean archives. This section is complementary to another team`s project : Cartomac which aims a cartography allowing a location of archives in danger in Africa and Caribbean – the two most vulnerable Francophone regions. Editing the cartography (available here) is possible thanks to a cooperation between our team and a network of researches from our partner universities (in the “North” and in the “South”) as well as thanks to the field studies in institutions and families at whom manuscripts has already been located.

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